What's Wrong With: Jada Pinkett

I have a new section that I'm bringing to the blog. As many of us know, there are public folks with issues that simple boggle our minds. Heck, we all have issues but they are not on display for the world. So even if I feel bad for them, I still want to ask the question... What's wrong with them? And you, my readers, will play the role of counselor, judge and jury.

The first to go under the microscope is a woman that captured my heart the very first time she walked on the set of A Different World. She was such a hottie then. But time changes folks and now I have to ask, What's wrong with Jada Pinkett.

Behold the evidence as seen in Exhibit A and Exhibit B:

If that is not enough cause for concern. I submit to you Exhibit C and Exhibit D:

Clearly there is a problem. So I ask:



22 Responses to What's Wrong With: Jada Pinkett

  1. melissa Says:
    She got too comfortable with her hubby Will and let herself go.She is older now, has too much money and has nothing better to do than play in a rock band.
  2. stuffle Says:
    I'll stick with exhibit C. That was pretty hot!

    Exhibit D? I would think maybe she channelling Eddie Vedder, but he is not dead yet...
  3. bold as love Says:
    Most if not all of the photos we see of celebs are airbrushed and enhanced.
    When we finally see them without those tricks done it's alarming in some cases- example: the ever popular glamour shots normal everyday women get done at the mall, between the makeover and the touching up they look like a totally different person. Jada is just fine-you are simply seeing all her different looks.
    Melissa- she has not let herself go, she is pound per pound one of the most beautiful women on the screen these days- and 98%of the equipment she sports is all original- as far as having nothing better to do than play in a rock band- shit- i'd give my left no longer used for reproduction nut to be that bored.
  4. NEO, SOC Says:
    I don't know what happened in exhibit B, nor do I want to know; but the hairdo has got to go! Exhibit D looked like she was at a Howard Dean convention! LOL!

    She's still a hottie though!
  5. James Manning Says:
    i'd give my left no longer used for reproduction nut to be that bored.

    LOL @ Bold... oh hot damn that was funny. Jada is still a hottie when she's not trying to Zena the warrior princess.
  6. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    I'll take Jada: The Warrior Princess any day of the week and thrice on Sunday my friend.
  7. Deb S. Says:
    James: Jada is still a hottie. Leave her alone. You're just jealous because she picked Will over you. ;-)

    I'd like to see some photos of you - covering the same time span and in different settings. Are you up to the challenge?? I've already started doing some investigating on my own. I already have a few candid pics of you. They're very interesting. LOL

    Rashid: That's what I'm talking about! If Jada ever becomes single again, I'll send her your way. ;-)
  8. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    03 14 06

    Hey James: I guess this is why only Melissa responded other than the guys. I think this is a post for guys. Why do you say? Well because I don't even get what you are asking. She looks pretty in all the pics (to me) and Stuffle was right; Eddie Vedder still lives! And to think I thought he was dead already. Whatdyaknow:)
  9. James Manning Says:
    I just think she is looking too hard and I wonder why that is. I like Jada - the soft Jada - but that hard look and the rocker look is not doing it for me.

    DCS - Heck, I'm up for the challenge. I'll get some pictures together.
  10. Johnnie Says:
    Maybe I'm missing something, but all I see is a woman who has improved with age, and one who has layers. How many children has she pushed out? And she's lookin' buff like that?! Man, I WISH! I admit (and I've never actually heard her singing voice) that it's a little shocking to the system to see her in her rocker persona, but I ain't even mad at her. I'm actually very glad to see that she has the confidence and backing of her hubby and family to put herself out there like that.

    I only wish that "World" had continued long enough for Jada's budding romance with devout Christian, virgin, baller Dorian to blossom and evolve. I found that to be the most interesting story line of the show. But all that's just me.
  11. Anonymous Says:
    There were some rumors that Jada likes women. She has that lipstick lesbo look.
  12. taylor Says:
    anonymous that was ignorant.

    Anyway. The hard look is partially because she got all extra buff to play in the matrix. They even told her she got too bog at one point. I guess she liked being tight and kept up. She could look like a cow by now, then I could see asking what's wrong with her. She's been in her rock band for years. All women are able to have many looks. Plus B is a bad angle pic. She looked nice on TV.
  13. Viperteq Says:
    Why must we question when a person changes? Why do we always look at the change as if it's a negative? She's paid her dues, she's done with her struggle. Her husband still thinks he's a rapper, so she can sing in a rock group if she wants. Let's just let Jada live while we still work on getting our sh!t together.
  14. Jaimie Says:
    Are you saying you like exhibit B?

    She just looks too buff and hard. She might feel like a tree branch in the bed.

    She's still pretty though.
  15. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    03 14 06

    Well this just goes to show that aethetics vary from region to region and person to person. I read somewhere that CA and FL like the buffest women, whereas TX and OR like the plumpest women. And I will say that back in the day, all my White friends told me I could stand to lose ten pounds or so. Mind you I was on the track team, was 5"5 and weighed 130 lbs. My doctor said I was in excellent shape. However there are cultural aethetics at work here.

    When I went to Atlanta shortly after that, people used to say that I was "too skinny" when they saw my high school pics. So being buff and beautiful is a regional thing imho.

    And I like Will Smith and always will;) I can listen to his stuff with kids or adults and we will all dance. No hatin please.
  16. Thawtz Says:
    what's wrong with Jada? I'll tell you what's wrong. She married Will. You'd go out on stage screaming your frustrations out too if you had to deal with that man and his jokes all day too. Imagine the after hours... smooth and sensual.. and then the laugh arrives. But, in her defense I can say...at least she ain't Whitney.
  17. James Manning Says:
    Yeah, I'm not even going there with Whitney because we already know... she needs to drop the pipe. Being athletic is one thing, but I'm not feeling Jada Buff... as for the rock band, you might be right about Will's lame jokes.
  18. Diane S. Says:

    Would you explain the "lipstick lesbo look" to us? I mean, enquiring minds want to know.

    I'm with Taylor, that was just ignorant, man.
  19. Anonymous Says:
    Are you kidding? she is in great shape!

    From the pics I have seen...maybe some of you should look in the mirror if you are being critical.
  20. TheOneandOnlyInsanely Says:
    She's possessed...*lol* you crazy James, but this is true....
  21. Anonymous Says:
    I don't see anything wrong with her or the pics. I think it's jealousy as usually.
  22. Anonymous Says:
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