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Liberals Hate God

So it would seem based on the numerous post on conservative blogs. We, meaning liberals and left-leaning fanatics, are a godless sort and represent everything that is wrong in America. I'm not exactly sure when I became an atheist. It probably happened when I went to the voting booth and punched a ballot for that great Satan representative, Al Gore. Oh, but it probably happened when I supported that demon spirit, Bill Clinton. And we can never forget that Hillary Clinton is in need of an exorcist.

Yes, my fellow liberals. We love pedophilia, pornography, murder, rape, sex with animals and Communism. Where did I go wrong? I know you don't want to know the truth my fellow liberals, but I had to put it out there for you. This way, you don't have to waste your time going to church and trying to provide for you families. Heck, only conservatives can do that properly. So, give up liberals, and give in to the evil that resides in you, drop everything and head off to San Francisco to support that gay agenda you so desperately love.


Bush Speech

I've heard of PR campaigns to promote a Dodge or a new barbecue sauce, but to promote a war? That's something else. I read the transcript of the speech and as usual, I'm not impressed. In fact, I don't think are any worse than I expected so I'm no more down on the war now than I was two years ago. The folks that Bush is trying to reach are those that thought this war would be a cake walk and we'd be out by now. I think the only folks that thought that were conservatives so Bush needs to reach out to them because he'll never convince those of us that were against this from the beginning to be more patient.

Personally, I think what we are seeing now is the best we are going to get for a while. We might as well accept the fact that it is a mess and bow out gracefully. I'm sure by this time next year we'll have under a 100,000 troops in Iraq. It's a failed policy for a failed presidency.


Man, the show is really getting good. I just hate the fact that they are killing off so many of my favorite characters. I guess it's a way of keeping it fresh, but I hated to see Tony go. I think it was even hard for Jack. He shed a tear last night.

Next week Jack will be out on the streets of Los Angeles again and we can restart our body count. After 3 hours locked in CTU, I'm sure Jack is going to make up for lost time and kill about 10 terrorist. I'm looking forward to it.

March Madness:

It is that time of year again. Too bad Illinois isn't a better team. I'll root for them but I don't expect them to get very far. I'm going with Memphis, Duke, UConn and Vilanova to make it to the Final Four. I'll post my official picks later.

How To Lynch A Black Boy

A 14-year-old boy who died while being restrained at a military-style boot camp
suffered from sickle cell trait, natural complications of which caused the teen's death, according to a medical examiner's report released Thursday.
source CNN

That's what was said before a video showing deputies beating boy was release. I know people with that sickle cell trait and that comment above is a flat out lie. Can you say coverup? This is sickening and people wonder why black folks don't trust the justice system. I'm glad Jeb Bush stepped up to the plate and ordered an independent investigation. I ask ya, does anybody cry when a black boy dies?


24 Responses to Quick Takes On Stuff

  1. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I cannot tell you how bummed I was that they killed off Tony last night. Between him, Michelle and Palmer I'm getting a little ticked off.
  2. Johnnie Says:
    The biggest problems I saw with last night was that while folk were running here and there inside the building holding their breath, why did't they head for an exit, dammit!!! Especially Rudy and rent-a-cop in red (you know if you have that role you're probably gonna die...AND DUDE ACTUALLY HAD LINES TO SPEAK!). And did they just vent that gas out into the atmosphere (or was it truly neutralized)? Or why didn't they make a break for the armory, where they said the masks were located? Either Rudy or Jack?! And you're right! My wife and I looked at each other in utter disbelief when Buckaroo Bonzai opened his eyes and then stabbed the hell outta Tony (NO! THEY KILLED TONY!!!!) with that big needle. AND WHY THE HELL DIDN'T JACK BRING THE DUCT TAPE BACK TO THE CONFERENCE ROOM WITH HIM??!!! Taping up the door would have saved them at least a little time. And do you mean that none of that gas clings to your clothing?
  3. nikki Says:
    march madness is on!

    what in da hell is going on with that cover up??? do you think the independent investigation is gonna be truly "real" with the findings? i mean, on the one hand jeb would get some black points for the move. on the other hand, if it turns out the boy was lynched, all hell could break loose in florida.
  4. James Manning Says:
    One does have to suspend a little reality with watching 24. I tried to hold my breath as long as jack did and I have to admit, I would have died.
  5. DJ Diva Says:
    dang..i didn't watch it on my DVR yet and yall just blew it for me LOL J/K

    I cry when black boys die...
  6. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    LMAO I thought that I was only person lame enough to hold my breath while Jack was holding his.

    I have lots of comments but I'm waiting til I get a chance to watch the replay on Winamp tonight.

    I will say that I don't think Tony is dead though. Mainly because he didn't get a silent count to end the show, and if anybody deserves it, he does.
  7. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    03 14 06

    hahahahaha I was holding my breath too and would've died. It seems like they are recycling the same old plots though. Except Mike Novik is ENCOURAGING the President's wife, whereas when David Palmer was the President, he actively DISCOURAGED Sherry Palmer's participation. Hmph; she was my favorite character of all time! Perhaps I will develop a thick skin like her one day:)

    About the Floridian. I used to work in the Sickle Cell Counseling Centre, and although rare, when some people with sickle cell TRAIT are exposed to extreme stress and or high altitudes, they can start manifesting actual disease traits. But this is rare. I totally agree that there is far more to the story. And I am saddened that there is talk that he could've been lynched. If that is the case, Chance is right because Florida is about to have a race war. I hope to God that isn't the case though.

    And on the one hand, it's like you hear about this knuckle headed kid and wonder what he did to precipitate that discliplinary action. Yet, his life was worth far more than a dermerit.
  8. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    03 14 06

    And to answer Johnnie's question, I think that as soon as the Syntox gas was released, the building was sealed off so that the outside environment wouldn't get contaminated. They couldn't leave the building.
  9. Thawtz Says:
    okay. let's see... glad sam wise died. he was workin my nerves. the rent-a-cop saying goodbye to his daughter was sad. hell, watching edgar say chloe's name last week was sad too. i would have rather they dropped chloe but of course she was needed for further storyline. i just wanted jack to slap the hell out of his daughter's new man, but i'll settle for the choke. and will someone please shoot the damn prez and inaugurate his wife?! this dude is the biggest punk i've ever seen.

    tony? dead? this has gotta be the last season. all i know is that i'm ready to watch people drop like flies once Jack hits the streets again.

    oh. i almost tried to hold my breath. and then i remembered i had just came back in from smoking during commercial break. wasn't gonna happen.
  10. Johnnie Says:
    But Mahndisa, they were evacuating the building while the gas was first being released. That is, at the same time some people were keeling over in their tracks, others were sprinting through (undoubtedly) wide open doors! (Remember, the bosses were screaming "Everybody out, now!" at the same time people were falling over.) So, why couldn't Jack or Rudy have done the same thing: sprinted out a door and immediately slammed it shut behind them?!
  11. NEO, SOC Says:
    that Independent investigation is long overdue. Has the self-elected leaders of the Community come out? And here is the opportunity for the black community to cry foul. The video looked like the Rodney King Sequel.

    What's up with Palmer's wife? She needs to inhale the gas and bring back Rudy. I want to be the next head of CTU!
  12. NEO, SOC Says:
    Also, I don't believe that all lieberals are demon worshippers. Just you James! LOL!

    Thta would be like saying all black people have big lips. Is it true? No! Just as many conservatices hold that view; many liberals hold similar views about conservatives or even conservative Christians. That's an unfortunate bias that will exist until the end of time.

    A person convinced against their will is a person unconvinced still
  13. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    James: You crack me up!! Yah, I tried too and I would've been dead also :-)))))).
  14. Cynthia Says:
    I cry...
  15. James Manning Says:
    Boy, I'm glad to know I'm not the only 24 nerd on the block. I'll have to look into that Tony thing, but I think he didn't get the count because he wasn't a CTU agent.

    As for the lynching. The kid took his grandmother's car for a joy ride. Personally, I would have just kicked his ass and left it at that, but maybe pops is not around to give him a good one.

    It was a coverup, they killed that little black boy and tried to hide it, but the camera don't lie. Two hours and he's dead? That's sad.
  16. Johnnie Says:
    Sadly, the days, uh, excuse me, hours, are probably numbered for the only brother on 24 with a significant role, Curtis.
  17. woodrow241 Says:
    I see you went out on a limb and picked all the #1's in the tourney. Well we all know that aint gonna happen. I dont think that 'Nova has the size to win 6 games in a row and if Duke is a bad game from JJ away from losing a game to a lesser team. Im riding my Tarheels all the way.
  18. Neil Says:
    Jack Bauer is so heroic in everything he does, whenever I get anxious about something -- I've started to ask myself "What would Jack Bauer do?" Hey, if he can go into a a terrorist's camp alone, I surely can ask my boss for a raise.
  19. Peace Says:
    I was sick when I watched that video of them beating that 14 year old boy up - sick. I was even sicker when the family had to winess their child being exhumed from his grave. I am, however, thankful that they were able to get another autopsy to prove that he absolutely did not die from Sickle Cell Trait. I thought it was so fresh when the former Mayor of NY shared that not ONE inmate in all of NY had EVER dies of Sickle Cell trait - EVER! It is a sad world we live in.
    Spread Peace.
  20. Peace Says:
    P.S. Replace "NY" with "FL" in my last post :) I haven't had my Fruity Pebbles yet this morning! :)
  21. James Manning Says:
    Marquis de SOB

    Thanks for pointing that out. There is no way that will happen so I have to rethink it.
  22. Thawtz Says:
    naw james, you aren't the only 24 nerd on the block. i went out and bought the ps2 game. i might need a 12 step program cause i'll be damned if i don't have plans on buying all the seasons
  23. Rell Says:
    they ain't have to kill Rudy/Samwise Gamchee, Edgar, Michelle, Palmer AND Tony in the same season. Heck, Kim and Audrey better watch out!

    but yea it's good stuff...
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