It's Friday: Nuff Said


Well, as you know I don't blog on the weekend so I'll leave you guys with this.

March Madness:

I really feel bad for San Diego State. They played a great game and Indiana played with no brains, no discipline and still pulled it out in the end. Oh well, better luck next year.

Did you see the Fighting Illini? I'm back to drinking the kool-aid. Illini to the Final Four, baby!!! The tournament gets off to a good start and I'll be watching it from my desk all day.

More Rightie Propaganda and Excuses:

Revka has a post about some documents that the Pentagon released. Her assessment was that the documents proved that Saddam was planning to attack the US and had ties with Al-Qaida. Oh hum... they just never give up do they. The interpreter of another "smoking gun" that doesn't smoke is someone associated Talk about a source for credibility gap. This is my to all of this:

Rebe, I think you're jumping the gun on something. Here is what an independent
analysis says:

The document, dated August 17, 2002, identifies the Al Qaeda member as Ahmed Fadil Nizal Al Khalaylah, the real name of Zarqawi, and includes a series of photos of Zarqawi. (See link at

A memo within the document shows that as early August 8, 2002, Zarqawi was identified as a member of Tanzeem al Qaeda, or the al Qaeda Organization.

This document provides startling documentation that at the very least that Saddam Hussein's government knew that al Qaeda was active and functioning in Iraq.

Although the document goes on to outline activities of the group, there is no indication that the Iraqi government took any steps to stop Al Qaeda from
operating within Iraq, in clear defiance of international law.

No mention of a planned attack. I think there is a bit of stretching going on here. And the simple fact is that based on the premise of who is a greater threat, the Bush administration had a better case against Iran. Remember, everything in Iraq has to do with WMD's. This bait-and-switch reasoning is pointless and the preemptive philosophy is a failed one. I can write a letter stating that I want to destroy an American nuclear plant, but what are my capabilities? Iraq had means of providing terrorist with WMD's (we're not so sure about that) but Saudi Arabia does, Iran does, Pakistan does, North Korea does, Chechen separatist do - so where does the next war start? This is a failed policy and it is noteworthy that the right keeps digging and digging to justify what is happening rather than critiquing the "stay the course" policy.

And you fail to realize that had Bush stayed and finished the job in Afghanistan, we would be further along in the so-called War on Terror than we are now. They tried this domino theory in the 60's and it got us nowhere.

By the way, I read some of the documents that were in English no smoking gun there. Trust me, if the Bush admin had concrete evidence that Saddam was planning an attack against the US, we would have seen the evidence to that a long time ago.

US is Out:

Before I could even come to care, the US is out of the World Baseball Classic. I guess this frees up some time so I can not care about something else.

St Patrick's Day:

Y'all be safe out there and remember to wear your green. And if you see someone not wearing green, the tradition is to slap the living crap out of them... let me know how that goes. I'm out.


6 Responses to It's Friday: Nuff Said

  1. Johnnie Says:
    Poor Gerry McNamara and the Orange. I didn't expect them to go out with a whimper like that!!! But how about hometown team G-Dub?! Them dudes just would not quit! I didn't have them advancing on my bracket, but I was rooting for 'em and I'm glad they won. (Never mind that they have a senior on the team who never got any grades at the suspect "high school" he attended, which, by the way, had been NCAA-approved.)
  2. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    This document provides startling documentation that at the very least that Saddam Hussein's government knew that al Qaeda was active and functioning in Iraq.

    Isn't there "startling documentation" that the same could be said about Al Quaeda in the US before 9/11?

    The WBC should be more interesting without the US in it. The four teams left are all top-flight teams that are simply better than the US. Better luck in '09.
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
  4. kerri Says:
    hope you had a great st patty's day! no green beer here, but i did have plenty of other celebretory drinks!

    i started out 27-5 (round 1) in my NCAA tounry at work. i winning by quiet a few games so far... just keeping my fingers crossed the rest of the way!! mama needs a new pair of shoes! lol :o)
  5. Rell Says:
    the ncaa tournament is dead to me...
  6. Peace Says:
    I was out "sick" from work on Friday. (Sick of sitting at my desk on a perfectly nice Friday!)