Monday Morning Buffet

1. March Madness: Boy, am I pissed. What happened to the Big Ten? They stunk up the joint. But I will have to admit that I'm excited to see Wichita St. and George Mason make it to the Sweet 16. Of course, that means that two of my picks are gone but that happened with everyone so I'm not that far behind.

But back to those punks in the Big Ten. I have no idea how they were ranked the number 1 conference in the nation. They just went out like some girls. Iowa and Ohio St. just crumbled under the pressure. Sad.

2. New Addition to the Family: Exciting news fromt the homefront. I would like you to join me in celebrating - Mya. She's a 4 to 7 year old Golden Retriever/Mix. Mixed with what, I'm not so sure. Based on her size, it could be a German Shepard. She's a big girl but she's a little down right now. We picked her up from the pound this past weekend. We were looking for a puppy, but Mya looked so sad and she really is a good dog. She obeys really well and is very gentle. And she doesn't lick so that's perfect since Mini-mom has allergic reactions to dogs licking her face. And she doesn't bark. That's cool but I'm going to put her in some class so she'll at least bark when someone is at the door. I can forget about training her to rip out someone's esophagus on command. She's just too gentle for that.

I'll post some pictures of her soon. Oh, and the cats are doing ok. Mya has no interest in them. Which is good because I'd hate to come home to a couple of dead cats.

3. My Heart: I got this from LMC.

You scored as Blue. Your heart is blue. You are a very calm and relaxed person. You are very caring and like helping others. You're grateful for what you have in life, even if it's not perfect. People love you for who you are, don\'t ever change that- it's what makes you the great person that you are.



















~What color is your heart?~
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Topic of Discussions:

1. What was you first dog's name and what do you remember most about him/her?

2. What color is your heart?

3. What's the biggest surprise in the tournament thus far?


15 Responses to Monday Morning Buffet

  1. DJ Diva Says:
    1. My first dog's name was Duke...He was a German Shep.

    2.I scored as Pink.
  2. Peace Says:
    March WHAT? I marched my ass right to the Lifetime channel!! Haha!
    My first and only dog died about a year ago, I'm still traumatized, his name was Charlie.
    R.I.P. Charlie - now that you're gone wild animals have invaded our yard - raccoons, 'possums, crazy squirrels & all sorts of birds - you were the best animal chaser in the West.
  3. Bullfrog Says:
    1. My first dog's name was Spike, german shepard. He followed me to school one day, but far back enough that I didn't see him until we got there. I had to go home and got the rest of the day off, yes!

    2.I scored BLUE

    3. The only madness i experience in March is waiting for baseball season to start again, go Padres!
  4. stuffle Says:
    1. Lady, Black Lab. She was afraid of gunshots and water, which made her pretty useless for hunting, but a great family dog.

    2. Blue

    3. Don't know. That would involve paying attention to basketball. Like bullfrog, I am just waiting for a real sport to start up... :)
  5. nosthegametoo Says:
    My brackets have become an embarrassment.

    I hate the NCAA...

    Till next year
  6. Shavonne Says:
    My first dog's name was Julius. He liked to steal my socks out of my hands then run around the house for me to catch him. He was so beautiful. He was a Chow and he had the bluest tongue.
  7. MEP Says:
    Is the white girl REALLY the first person to actually comment on basketball? Hahahaha.

    I'm pissed that Kansas lost in the first round. Bah. BUT, I am very excited that Wichita St. made it to the sweet 16. My sister nearly hyperventalated b/c she goes there and is a HUGE Shocker's fan. I think it's their first NCAA tourney in like nearly 20 years and to adance further than KU . . . .

    So I don't even remember the other questions at this point. I just wanted to talk basketball. :)

    (Ok, I wanted to talk Kansas b-ball).
  8. Viperteq Says:
    My first dog's name was Thor ( DO NOT LAUGH!) *chuckle*

    I don't do those little quizzez.

    I am friggin' PO'd at the NCAA this year. My picks in Minneapolis are the onle ones riding and dieing. Everyone else is goin out like some punks (Syracuse!). Damnit! Guess, I'll be buying someone a iTunes Gift certificate.....
  9. stuffle Says:
    Shavonne - Chows are so cool. Our current dog is half Chow (though she has the classic Chow personallity).

    She ended up with a tongue that is part blue and part pink. This picture kind of shows that. Its the only one I managed to catch with her tongue out.
  10. James Manning Says:

    You can really see the chow in her. I'll try and get a picture of mine. She's coming around although today is the first day she'll be in the house by herself. We'll see how she does.


    Witchita St. is doing the damn thing. I thought my Illini would do it but they went home like gumps. As for Kansas - Ha.


    I really thought Syracuse was going to surprise some folks - well they did... they went out like sissies.
  11. Johnnie Says:
    My first dog (in Yanceyville, NC, 1963) was Perky. He was your typical country mutt, golden in color, short and around 25-30 lbs., I think. What a great dog he was! Sadly, my grandparents hit him with their car as they departed the farm to come to D.C. to live with us. Perky would always come and lick my face whenever grandma wore me out with a switch (which I had to go harvest myself, of course).

    Heart: Blue....89%. Interesting. Pink was my next highest.

    The biggest surprise in the NCAAs for me is how well my two hometown teams, The Georges, have done so far, and how good they look doing it! The GU version of the Princeton offense is a thing of beauty; and Mason's D is Piston-esque!
  12. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    My first dog was Buddy. I was very close to him and my mom said that he went everywhere with me and protected me. He disappeared when I was still little and I still remember when my parents told me he was gone and going with my dad to look for him.

    Ofcourse you know I scored yellow :-).
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