Saying Good-Bye to Dell Gines' Adequate Defense

One of my favorite bloggers is calling it quits. Dell Gines, a blogger I admire a great deal is leaving the blogashpere to work on some important endeavors. I discovered his blog when I was a regular on LaShawn Barber's blog. He was one of only few that took her to task and after LaShawn's narcissist ways got to be too much, many of us migrated to Dell's blog.

I respect his passion for bringing economic development to the black community. Although he is a conservative, he is of a different breed than your regular 'talking out the side of their necks' black conservatives. It is only because of Dell, Cobb and a few others that I have not completely given up on black conservatives.

Well, it is a sad day but we wish the best the Dell and his pursuit. Good luck blogging friend. We wish you much success.


8 Responses to Saying Good-Bye to Dell Gines' Adequate Defense

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    02 13 06

    James: I met you via Dell's site. OMG I think it is cool that he is moving on to affect change in the world. But I will miss our arguments;) Take Care Dell!
  2. Clay Says:
    ive never been to his blog but i will try to check it out before he exits ...
  3. nikki Says:
    this is a sad, sad, sad, sad day. :(
  4. Showin that love Says:
    He will be missed... even by those of us who are anonymous.
  5. Jaimie Says:
    His poetry is nice too. Nice tribute.
  6. Dell Gines Says:
    Thanks man, I appreciate it. It was great to get to know you and what your blog grow as well.

    I will keep bouncing around and talking trash every now and then.
  7. Revka Says:
    Dell is awesome!! I didn't know he was leaving, he has been commenting on my blog lately. I really like him too. He actually went to a newspaper i wrote to and stood up for me via the internet response. Yes, I do hope in whatever capacity he runs in that he wins. He is running for the state legislature from what he said. He and I agreed more than we disagreed, but when we did it was always with respect.

    There was one thing he said that I wish all those who are running for public service believed.. He said he is fed up with both sides of the isle giving up doing what is right because of political gain..
  8. Revka Says:
    Oh yeh, and he doesn't like Ann Coulter.. ha!! :)