Quick Take on Grammy Awards

I really didn't care about them but I wanted Common to win something. He didn't so there rest is booty as far as I'm concerned. I did read that Kanye's performance was tight. I know he's only a six-piece with mild sauce from Harold's Chicken away from losing his damn mind, but the brother can perform. But I'm really not understanding this:

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being original. But damn. I guess you can say this is the outcome when trying to look like Prince goes bad.

Well, the did the get R&B part right. John Legend's album is the bomb and he deserves it. I'm not feeling the outfit, but then again, I'm not a metrosexual/celebrity.

And for my own Eye Candy purpose... Miss Alicia Keys

Discussion Starters

1. Who were you rooting for and how did they do?
2. Who is your celebrity Eye Candy?
3. What artist would you like to see disappear?


27 Responses to Quick Take on Grammy Awards

  1. Jaimie Says:
    If Alicia Keys is eye candy, then I must be a huge damn lollipop (with swirls).
  2. James Manning Says:
    LOL - Yeah, I guess that would sum it up.
  3. stuffle Says:
    I'm a big U2 fan, so I guess you could say I was hoping they did well... I heard they did alright...

    In actuallity, I don't really care about the Grammys (or any of the other "let's get together and break our arms patting ourselves on the back" type awards shows and didn't watch.
  4. James Manning Says:
    I like U2 as well. I have to admit that I've really grown to admin
  5. Roc Says:
    "he's only a six-piece with mild sauce from Harold's Chicken away from losing his damn mind..."

    LOL! A 6 piece? You must be one hungry brotha'! At best I might throw down a white half, but my favorite is a two piece with ALL the sauces and finish with a french fry sandwich after the bread is all soggy and pink...

    Damn, I'm hungry now... You think they FedEx?
  6. James Manning Says:

    I wish they did. I'd love to have some right now.
  7. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    I'm more mad at Kanye trying to hog all the shine in that pic.

    Damn man, there is enough lens to go around.
  8. kerri Says:
    i'm kinda tired of Kanye lately, but i like his stuff most of the time... it's just way too overplay in my area...nothing against the artist though!

    i thought that Alicia looked nice last night. she usually has a much different style.

    i dug legend's look. he looked kinda sexy... just my .02

  9. Jaimie Says:
    1. Who were you rooting for and how did they do?

    I didn't even know the Grammys were on.
    2. Who is your celebrity Eye Candy?

    I've just drafted a post about this very important issue...you'll see it in a few days on my blog.
    3. What artist would you like to see disappear?

    Maybe Lil John or something. Anyone who annoys the hell outta me.
  10. Clay Says:
    well miss johnny isnt meterosexual either! lol check out my blog - i gave a review of the Grammys
  11. jan brauner Says:
    I think Alicia Keyes is GORGEOUS and then some!
  12. nikki Says:
    1. didn't watch...didn't care. those folk gotta stop looking to the predominantly white voting populace of the grammys for validation when most of them are neither listeners nor fans of the music genres in question. common not winning just proves that point.

    2. eye candy - hmmm...i thought t.i. looked dapper, although i ain't really attracted to him.

    3.i don't wish for any of them to disappear cuz as far as i'm concerned, cats i don't like are already absent from my musical landscape. somebody out there likes them, though, so there's a reason for them being around.
  13. "N" Search of Ecstasy Says:
    The eyecandy was - LL Cool J, Sean Paul, and T.I.
  14. Wadena Says:
    Didn't watch the Superbowl.....didn't watch the Grammys.

    That whole Grammy thing is sexist.

    When do the Grampies get a show?
  15. Rell Says:
    alicia is my boo -- one day we'll be married. I'm so serious...
  16. NewYorkMoments Says:
    Admn Alicia Keyes is looking good.
  17. NewYorkMoments Says:
    Ummm...that was supposed to say "Damn"
  18. Dan-E Says:
    i didn't watch the grammys but U2 is my favorite band and i heard they won a total of five awards. is that right? i don't really care too much about music awards but it's always nice to see recognition to musicians who write their own songs and lyrics, play their own instruments, and perform their own music.

    as for eye candy, i love alicia keys but sheryl crow is pretty hot. and so is gwen stephanie. and shakira. and beyonce and... (shut up dan-E)
  19. Revka Says:
    I didn't watch it.. I flipped to it for about 1 minute and watched Kelley Clarkson get her award. I can't believe her success. I don't think she is that unique, or great as Joss stone. I am a major Joss fan and wonder if she got any awards??? From what I understand American Idol got more coverage than the Grammy's..

    I have always liked U2 as well. But, not into hollywood anymore.. In 2006 Joss Stone is as far as I will go.
  20. Diane S. Says:
    1. I was rooting for Kanye - threads of sanity be damned. I'm glad he did so well.

    2. God, I am so F**king old. I thought Stevie, Bruce Springstien, and Bono were all looking damn fine. Jamie Fox was looking good except for that stupid high-school band uniform.

    3. I suppose it would be really unChristian of me to wish Kelly Clarkson would die, but could she just go away? Like really far away.
  21. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Didn't really care about the grammys. I think Madonna can sing but she annoys me on so many different levels so I guess she's one I wish would go away.

    As for eye candy do you mean singers or just celebrities in general? My favorite celeb eye candy is actor Jason Baehr but no one probably knows who he is. He starred on Roswell and played the greatest character.
  22. Zeezy4Sheezy Says:
    I guess you could say I was rooting for Common.. And despite what Kanye thinks Common's BE album was the best rap album to me

    2. My celebrity Eye Candy would be Nia Long!! Alicia Keys can't even hold a candle to my baby

    3. Honestly I just wish Kanye would just shut da fuck up!! I'm tired of the narcissitic behavior and temper tantrums.. THe funniest part of the show was when he actually won and went on stage with that Thank You list and it was obvious he did to get a rise outta the audience but no one laughed and he looked stupid,... I loved it
  23. Anonymous Says:
    1.Common, Kelly Clarkson, Death Cab for Cutie, Smokie Norful
    2.Janine Green.

    Anonymous Nupe
  24. L.T. Says:
    1. I didn't even know the grammys were on, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't know much about the artists up for awards.

    2. Celeb eye candy would either have to be (singer) Christina Milian or (actress) Reagan Preston-Gomez.

    3. If the Ying-Yang Twins went away and never came back, I would be a happier man.
  25. tif Says:
    OK this is my comment saved from last week because i read blogs in the wee hours of the night when apparently blogger likes to do updates and disable comments. So here goes:

    Eye candy doesn't do it for me. I don't know if I mentioned it here or on my blog but i'm the idiot that called a young lady an "Alicia keys wanna be" when she pissed me off. Turns out she was Alicia Keys. But here's my recap:

    I liked the Grammy awards this year, I mean it was no Motown 25 but the Ye and Jamie Foxx thing was dope, and even though Ye/Common/Legend should of won best collabo-- Jay/Linken Park performance with Paul Mcartney was dope.

    Too bad about Sly-- he still can't overcome his stage fright, something snapped in him years ago and he could no longer perform live--I guess someone finally talked him into getting back on stage (Prince has been trying forever, Prince inherited a lot of the family Stone because they no longer had live shows to do).

    Overall I liked it- oh two more things Kelly Clarkson & the Aguilara chick can blow, that Ciara chick blows. it's like smoke and mirrors they keep her moving real fast and in sexy shit so you don't notice her singing.
  26. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    James: I have an annoying troll on my blog. I think I may need that cuss out kit :-).
  27. Nikki Says:
    Everything Kanye wore was for attention. He was banking that people would be talking about what the hell he was wearing the next day, and they didn't let him down.