Pigskin Challenge: Week 14

Sunday Update:

My Bears are looking so bad. This is the problem I've been waiting to see. Can the Bears compete against a team that can score. They are counting on their defense to get them if scoring positon, but if a team scores then they have to create their offense. It isn't looking good for the home team.

Update: 12:06pm - Man these Bears are looking really bad. This is a terrible day.

Update: Monday - Yes, my Bears went to in flames. I was wondering how they would handle a really good team and it didn't look good. Except for two miracle throws, the offense did what the offense does and it just isn't good enough to get the job done. You just can't expect the defense to do everything.

Cleveland gave Cinncy a run for their money, but Cinncy proved themselves by pull off a close one. They will have to play better defense in the playoffs.

The Titans beat Houston. Who cares?

Will Indy lose a game? It doesn't look like it. It doesn't matter. They are on their way to the Super Bowl.

What's wrong with Buffalo? I thought they would be a better team than this but they can't blame this on injuries and idiocy... well, yes they can but I'm not buying it.

Oakland is a team I don't understand. The offense should be one of the best in the league. They are pathetic. To lose to the Jets just signals that things are really bad in the bay area.

The Vikings are doing something now. I thought they were dead but they are making a push for the playoffs. If the Bears are not careful, they will find themselves in second place and losing the home field advantage and a first round bye.

Finally, Carolina and Tampa Bay played a good game. Neither one of these teams impress me and I think either one will find an early exit come playoff time. But I wouldn't look pass them. They can play well enough to pull off an upset, but they are mid-grade teams at best.

Well, now lets look at the standings.

James: 10-5
Nikki: 9-6
Dell: 10-0 (he forgot five picks)
Dan-E: 10-5
Rell: 8-7


Get your picks in folks. Last week everyone did well. We'll see about this week. Can Dan-E go 16-0 this week. He came close, losing only one game. These are some dud games this week. I'll watch the Bears and I might watch the Panthers and the Bucs. But the rest of the games are not worthy of my time.

New England vs. BUFFALO
PITTSBURGH vs. Chicago
CINCINNATI vs. Cleveland
CAROLINA vs. Tampa Bay
Indianapolis vs. JACKSONVILLE
TENNESSEE vs. Houston
MINNESOTA vs. St. Louis
Oakland vs. NEW YORK (NYJ)
SEATTLE vs. San Francisco
Washington vs. ARIZONA
SAN DIEGO vs. Miami
DALLAS vs. Kansas City
vs. Baltimore
GREEN BAY vs. Detroit
ATLANTA vs. New Orleans


22 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 14

  1. Dan-E Says:
    I'm SO gonna go 16-0 this week. ya'll don't even need to post your picks cuz ya'll just playing for third. just you watch...

    (... as my picks end up going 7-9, which is going to result in me slumped over on my couch, crying, eating a box a twizzlers, drinking pabst blue ribbon and masturbating to old 49ers games on espn classic.)

    (i'm only kidding. i hate pabst blue ribbon.)
  2. James Manning Says:
    LOL - Pabst Blue Ribbon (i'm not going to touch the masterbating to a 49ers game - that's pretty disguting. You could at least put on the 85 Bears)
  3. Eddie Says:
    PBR me, ASAP.
  4. nikki Says:
    j'ville (yeah, i did it)
    san diego
    green bay
  5. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Great idea on the music.
  6. Dell Gines Says:
    New England vs. BUFFALO - New England
    PITTSBURGH vs. Chicago - Pittsburgh
    CINCINNATI vs. Cleveland - Cinci
    CAROLINA vs. Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay
    Indianapolis vs. JACKSONVILLE - Indy
    TENNESSEE vs. Houston - Tennessee
    MINNESOTA vs. St. Louis - Minnesota
    Oakland vs. NEW YORK (NYJ)- New York
    SEATTLE vs. San Francisco - Seattle
    New York (NYG) vs. PHILADELPHIA - Giants
    Washington vs. ARIZONA - Washington
    SAN DIEGO vs. Miami
    DALLAS vs. Kansas City
    DENVER vs. Baltimore
    GREEN BAY vs. Detroit
    ATLANTA vs. New Orleans
  7. Dan-E Says:
    Minnesota over St. Louis
    Oakland over Jets
    Pittsburg over Chicago
    Carolina over Tampa Bay
    Indianapolis over Jacksonville
    New England over Buffalo
    Bengals over Browns
    Houston over Tennessee
    Seattle over Frisco
    Giants over Philly
    Washington over Arizona
    San Diego over Miami
    Kansas City over Dallas
    Denver over Ravens
    Packers over Detroit
    Atlanta over New Orleans
  8. Rell Says:
    St. Louis
    New York
  9. Rell Says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  10. Rell Says:
    ick 8-6 thus far, not good for me.
  11. Rell Says:
    so is nikki, 8-6...
  12. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Okay, I've finally linked you and I think you will like the special title(s) I gave you :-).
  13. nikki Says:
    AHA! i still beat rell, which is all that matters.

    and chitown better get it together cuz they're gonna see offenses just like that in the playoffs (unless they end up against tampa bay)

    dan - masturbating to a 49ers game? man, but your penis has gotta be pissed off at you for condeming it to such torture.
  14. Dell Gines Says:
    Damn, how did I miss that? Ok, mark em all as losses. Shoot, I would have had a banner week too. Just what I need to reclaim the top spot.
  15. Rell Says:
    oh well...
  16. Dan-E Says:
    nikki, my penis doesn't think of it as torture. he loves a good beating. so to speak.
  17. James Manning Says:
    Dan-E, it is crystal clear that you are a sick individual. If you would help, I suggest putting on the Super Bowl Shuffle and seeing that excites you. If it does, then you normal. If not, then you my friend, should take the following steps:

    1. Fly to Chicago and have enjoy a Steak at Gibson's.

    2. Go to the Cubby Bear, drink six Budweiser while watching old footage of Walter Payton and listening to old guys debate who is greater, Gayle Sayers or Walter Payton.

    3. Drive to the southside and have some collard greens and catfish at the Dixie Kitchen.

    4. Walk along the Michigan avenue and do some shopping.

    5. Purchase a Chicago Bears wool cap and a Richard Dent poster.

    6. Go back to your hotel room with and put on the Super Bowl Shuffle.

    If you get a woody - then you are cured - if not - it means you will have to take drastic measures by removing your frontal lobe and eating deep dish pizza for dinner and chicago style hotdogs for dessert for several years. Eventually, the idea of whacking off to the 49ers will go away. If not, there is a lot in the depths of hell waiting for you. Good luck.
  18. Dell Gines Says:
    Yeah, I got kicked when I was down by Nikki. It's ok, it was my mistake, but I will rise again!
  19. nikki Says:
    i didn't kick you when you were down! i waited til you got back up, then kicked you back down! get it right!
  20. Dan-E Says:
    i'll take any advice that involves eating steak, pizza or hot dogs. but being a lifelong 49ers fan, i just can't wear any other team's logo.

    speaking of catfish, you ever been to Flossie's Restaurant in torrance? it's on the corner of redondo beach blvd and yukon. that place has some awesome southern fried catfish, and their fried chicken, beef short ribs, and smothered pork chops are excellent as well.

    oh, and their side dishes? great mac 'n cheese, sweet potatoes, corn and okra. dammit, i'm hungry again.
  21. James Manning Says:
    well now that you bring it up, I will try it out.
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