The Packaging of the Conservative Message

Little Miss Chatterbox (LMC), the author of the Chatterbox Chronicles has a post on the popularity of Conservative blogs in comparison to Liberal blogs. Her take is that Conservatives beat Liberals in a free market of ideas. This is based on the belief that Conservatives hold that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is biased against Conservatives. I think there is some validity to that thinking but not as much as they claim. My belief is that the MSM is complicit to politicians and the powers that be no matter what the party affiliation of the rulers.

She has a point about Conservatives being more popular. Fox News dominates the cable news, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity dominate the talk radio scene and no one can deny the impact of Conservative bloggers such as Drudge, Michelle Malkin and others. Why is this the case? Why are Conservatives dominating the political and media landscape? I have a theory that I break down into three parts: Concentrated Passion, Fire & Brimstone and Neglect of Nuances.

Concentrated Passion:

God, guns and gays is a political jargon many Liberals use to describe the political campaigns of Conservatives. Liberals like to showcase their understanding of the issues by talking about the details of policy and how it will impact people lives. That’s all well and dandy, but it's hard to derive passion from it. Conservatives talk in simple terms and they speak to the heart of their followers. They may not be on issues that delve into complicated policy, but they will generate a response. Family values, protecting the institute of marriage, defending the right to bear arms, protecting the lives of the unborn. These are issues that generate passion and Conservatives don’t stray away from them. Their message is simple and it resonates with average Americans.

Liberals, on the other hand, are all over the place when it comes to their political passions. There are the environmentalist that couldn’t care less about the black activist wing of the party, who are really not interested in the gay rights movement within the party structure. Then we have the anti-war wing that ignores the business and union sect of the party. All of these sides make up the Liberal movement and each looks to pursue its own agenda and politicians have no choice but to try and accommodate each. That leads to a smorgasbord of political jargon that no one can wrap their heart around.

Fire & Brimstone:

What is the best means to fire up the masses? Have them listen to the Billy Graham or a Harvard theologian professor? Simple speak. This is why people like George Bush and it is also something Bill Clinton had. They were able to talk and bring out the passion in people. Why do you think it is that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reily are so popular? It’s not that they know more, they just say what they believe in a very controversial manner and they really do to take it to the Liberals. It is their willingness to battle and promote rhetorical war that generates the passion in Conservatives. The idea that they are not afraid to be politically incorrect in an admirable quality that Conservatives embrace. I believe there is a lot of misinformation presented in many Conservative talking points, but most people don’t get into the details of politics to pick up on it.

On the Liberal side, there is no one to counter the Conservative fire and brimstone rhetoric. We are left to our understanding of the issues and recognizing the misspeak of the talking heads on the right. That is not a good thing because most people on both sides of the aisle do not have the time to get into the intricate details of policy and are left to rely of 30 second sound bites and rhetorical editorials. Air America is a small counter to this and whenever Phil Donahue makes an appearance, he is able to go toe to toe with the rightie behemoths. But there aren’t many others around that have the media access of the personality to do what the right is able to do.

Neglect of Nuances:

This is something that happens whenever passion is driven to the point of fanaticism. George Bush and the war in Iraq is a prime example of this. The war on terror and the war in Iraq are far more complicated than Bush and his Administration communicates. However, the rule of Conservatism is the keep the message simple of mass consumption. So we get talking points and 35-page memos rather than a detailed and complicated assessment of what is happening.

I believe that John Kerry would have made better president than George Bush but John Kerry was all over the place and his Senate speak didn't resonate with a lot of people - even those that supported him. Having a better grasp of the issues and embracing the nuances of policy is something every politician should have, but in order to win elections, the message must be simple and concise. I don't mean simple as in Simple Simon, but simple in terms of clarity. Americans are not interested in voting for administrators, they are interested in leadership and entrust those leaders to deal with sausage making grunt work of policy making - and they want to sausage presented to them in pretty packages.

The social security and Medicare bills are complicated entitlement programs but what they present is a slogan: The Ownership Society. Tax issues boils down to who would you rather have spent your money, you or the government. School choice has its own slogan. Affirmative Action has its own bullet point. Granted, there are times when Liberals make the issue too complicated for average Americans to grasp, but Conservatives have a way of making even the most complicated issue seems elementary. This is a good strategy for winning elections but it is not good for making policy. That is why the GOP is having trouble with the deficit, the war, and corruption in their midst. The simplification of issues has led to an unwillingness to take a pragmatic approach to policy.


The Conservatives have a winning message and will always have the upper hand when it comes to elections. They will always dominate the blogosphere and talk radio. However, America will eventually seek a deeper understanding what is happening around them and the Conservatives will be left to their base. This is happening in the war in Iraq and it is the reason the President’s Social Security initiative is dead. It is the reason the Prescription Drug plan is having problems. Because when America is faced with complicated issues, they look for details – no rhetoric.


35 Responses to The Packaging of the Conservative Message

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 12 05
    James: I posted this on LMC's site. Good post and you make some valid points! You hit upon something important,and I got there below:) EXCELLENT POST BTW!!!

    "So I thought that was encouraging. As it has been said many times Conservatives flourish wherever there is true competition."
    Ha!!! I love this quote you go girl! I think James is right in many ways, except for wanting the GOP to lose a house;) The reason I say this is because I want good people in these spots regardless of their party. I don't care what the party is; I care about the job being done. So if it is GOPers, cool if they do what I think should be done and so forth. I do think that the moonbats are all over the place and I have found that they have no strategy other than to bash conservatives. And it is so ridiculous, but many of them use extremely profane language and reduce themselves to being infantiles and it is so lames. That is why they lost the last two elections; one cannot win if all one does is lambast ones opponents and that is the God honest truth!!!

    Lastly, James and I REALLY see eye to eye as Blacks. In many ways the conservative vs. liberal thing doesn't quite apply to Blacks because many of us are both. One big reason is that of the aftermaths of slavery and institutional racism. Many libertarians and GOPers don't want government to establish affaction type programs because they view it as in incursion into the markets and the states rights. Yet many Blacks will say; well ordinarily that may be true-but the GOVERNMENT was complicit in drafting LAWS to oppress us; therefore the government is OBLIGATED to help us. See what I mean? The position of Blacks in America is some type of mixture between conservatism and liberalism with a bit of cultural pride. I identify more with cons because of the MESSAGE! Self empowerment, little governmental reliance OR interference, stronger states rights, FLAT TAXATION and more of a free market. But you all know that I am very socially liberal. Case in point. EXCELLENT post, Ms. Chatterbox you have been on FIRE lately and keep it up!!Have a great day:)
  2. James Manning Says:
    Good post Mahn,

    But you fall right into the mode that enable conservatives to flourish. The simplicity of the message is true, however, there are many byproducts of policy that are not addresses when taking this approach. Almost everything in the conservative message could be prefaced with, "In a perfect world..." We do not live in a perfect world, hence the need for understanding and appreciating the nuances of policy making.
  3. Dell Gines Says:
    "Concentrated Passion, Fire & Brimstone and Neglect of Nuances."

    Great analysis James.

    I will post more later, but great post.
  4. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 12 05

    "But you fall right into the mode that enable conservatives to flourish".

    Why? Because the rhetoric is good to me? I similarly agree with some social liberal's messages about gay civil unions and other things so how? I might do apost about the Christmas parties I went to this weekend and talk about the so called PROGRESSIVES that I met there. Ah, they aren't living in reality for sure!!! Fiscal policy is what I am concerned about mostly and from what I can see, the GOP isn't exercising fiscal conservatism like it says it will; which is why I am an INDEPENDENT. Whichever party can do that will get my vote. And incidentally I have said this before and will say it again: Bill Clinton was fiscally conservative and left us with a surplus. Anything else is irrelevant to me.And there you have it!
  5. James Manning Says:
    Ok, I see what you are saying. The thing about you is that you actually understand the details of a lot of policy and that means you are not susceptible to a lot of political nonsense. And that is what is missing. I agree with some conservative philosophies - but I think disagree with the application. The same is said for some Liberal ideas. They make good ideas but the application and implementation of the policies suck.
  6. Dell Gines Says:
    Ok, I have had time to think about it a little bit.

    1st, I think you are incorrect in your assertion that liberals explain the effects of their policy, the fact is they do the same things the conservatives do only on issues that don't have a large base (for reasons you touch on), or that aren't particularly popular.

    Let me give you an example. I will never be for abortion, period. That is a dogmatic and ideological position within which there can be no discussion on with me. It is not about nuances or subtleties etc. But a pro-choice person can be anti-abortion as well. Meaning that they don't like the idea of abortion, and would even put money or energy into it, but would still prefer a woman be allowed to have one. So you have a dogmatic base (me) versus an undogmatic flexible base (the person/people I mentioned). So I am always going to be on fire about the issue, whereas the other person may be laxadazical, as it isn't really critical to him on a dogmatic level.

    See, liberalism is based upon a post-modern humanistic relativistic mentality, which evaluates the rightness or wrongness of position based upon context and perception. As such, it makes it very difficult to generate positive talking points by saying, this should unequivocably be this way, because being that it is relativistic and contextual, it may change in the future.

    That leaves liberals with negative talking points, where they say, 'this shouldn't be this way, or that isn't right' meaning they are always on the defensive because they don't have the infastructure to be on the offensive based upon their post-modern background. There inability to be dogmatic, makes there arguments very difficult to communicate in blog or radio form...and remember both venues ultimtely are about entertainment.

    Secondly, you have the issue pragmatism versus idealism. Liberals operate from an unreal idealistic position, that says everyone should be happy, should not be poor, should not be discriminated against, and be 100% equal. Conservatives operate from a different paradigm, which is market functionality, everyone should work and be productive and provide for themselves and benefit society. Again, this allows them to make much more direct assertions on how society should be run, as opposed to the esoteric nature of liberalism. Again, better radio and blogging.

    Finally, you hit the nail on the head when you said, "Liberals, on the other hand, are all over the place when it comes to their political passions. There are the environmentalist that couldn’t care less about the black activist wing of the party, who are really not interested in the gay rights movement within the party structure."

    When you have such a diverse base with folks that have competing ideals, how can you truly generate solid and consistent talking points when half of your base hates what the other half is trying to do (such as blacks and gay marriage, etc.). Conservatives are based upon that ideology of this is what we are, get down or get out, so much of the base is more homogenous leading again to a higher concentration of listeners and readers.

    Now, all that being said, that doesn't necessarily indicate folks will vote more for the conservative than the liberal, but when it comes to radio, tv, and blogging, the conservative base for reasons that mentioned among others simply make for more entertaiment.
  7. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 12 05

    Hey James: I agree that many of us want to progress in our society and see an end to the evils of injustice; yet we DO differ on implementation and policy!

    Hello Mr. Dell: You bring up good points, but I disagree about the origins of liberalism. They reach farther than that. For one, Lockean liberalism isn't based upon moral relativism at all; it holds that all men are created equal and entitled to life, liberty and property. These rights are granted by the Supreme Being and are INALIENABLE! Both cons and libs employ this philosophy, yet the current progressives have taken it to an extreme and wish to grant special minority rights to everyone!!! Also, the early Christians can be seen as communal, capitalist liberals in many ways because of their accepting attitudes and sharing of property. That is not consistent with the undercurrent of individualism that peppers con rhetoric today. So ah, your historical references are somewhat incomplete. YET, many of the so called progressives do participate in the distortion of moral relativism!
  8. Dave Miller Says:
    Interesting stuff James. And far too much to think about all at once so I’ll just join in on a couple of thoughts.

    Concentrated Passion ~ Where is it on the liberal side? It is unfortunate and true that the most passionate national liberal I have seen recently was Jimmy Smits character on West Wing. It seems that rather than being for things, liberals have become a group of people interested in counterpunching. This does not make for passion. There is no power in your argument against the conservative side if you do not also offer any solutions. I don’t give a rip what you are against. I want to know what you value and I want to hear you say it in the first person! Say what you want, disagree or not, but at least we know where conservatives stand on issues. They own their position. Liberals have become too afraid to stand up for their convictions and that fear comes across as a lack of passion and belief in their own causes.

    Fire & Brimstone ~ You ask “What is the best way to fire up the masses?” Nice question. And in the absence of any real ideas, the Fire & Brimstone method will indeed work. However, both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton found that appealing to the better side of humanity would also work. Both of these leaders, (and whether you liked them both or not, they were great leaders) were able to mobilize and unify large majorities of our country because they called us to be better! We can argue about the results all day long, but both liberals and conservatives would do well to look at what made these two men so immensely popular during their presidencies.

    Neglect of Nuances ~ Great observation. Kerry was King of the Nuance! And look where it got him. Clinton stayed on his message, religiously. Remember “It’s the economy, Stupid!” basically helped propel him to the White house. No nuance there. Just a great message worked into his belief that “We can be better”.
  9. James Manning Says:
    Dell, you make some good point and I completely agree with you on the entertainment value when the message is for homogenous audience. But I will have to disagree with some aspects of the relativism that you place on the liberal ideology. I do believe that part of the liberal message can be dogmatic and play with adequate positive talking points:
    Healthcare, discrimination, the poor, race relations, environment and education are issues that are not relative but principled in fairness.

    The agenda of conservatives is to conserve a way of life – but those dogmatic ideologies fly in the face of human development. America is changing and our laws and way of life have to change to adjust to changing realities. A man should have the right to live as he pleases so long as he doesn’t infringe on the rights of another or disrespect the sensibilities of society. So he can live as a hermit but not torture animals. He can look at all the porn he wants as long as it is of adults who have the capacity to consent their involvement is such acts. The application may be relative but there are dogmatic principle involved. The state should not have the right to take a life. Simple and plain statement. Although there are some crimes that are so heinous that an individual forfeits his right to live the state doesn’t have that right.

    I think the Libs need to simplify the message because I think it is one that most Americans will agree with. We probably will never get social conservatives but when discussing in plain English education, poverty, the environment and a host of other issues, most Americans fall on the side of the Liberals. We’re missing the big mouths.
  10. SRH Says:
    From songs for all occasions to why Liberalism is not working. You do cover the gambit. I think a big issue for the Democratic party is not having a strong message. The message they give is why the conservative message is wrong, not why the liberal message is correct. I am not so eloquent with my poli-sci so I will let my intellectual betters duke this one out. (that is another problem with Liberals, they do not take stands for themselves, they let the intelligencia talk for them)
  11. James Manning Says:
    Dave, you are right. I thin Phil Donahue is one Liberal that could actually go toe to toe with consevative talking heads. he is gounded in his position and defends it relentlessly. That is what is missing. Not being afraid to offend is what Liberals need to do.

    Kerry lost by not fighting hard enough for what he believed and not explaining what those beliefs were. Talk policy after the election - talk philosophy during.

    As for the nuances, the problem with conservatives is that they don't respect the nuances even after the election. George Bush is pushing is Iraq policy in the face of reality. He has yet to recognize that this is not the war he intended on the American people to support. They may understand that behind close doors but to the public you would think that we are exactly where they expect us to be. That is wrong and he is losing the American people because at some point we start to understand the details. His perscription drug plan is failing because he never discussed the details, on the philosophy. Folks bought into it, but the outcome is a mess and now we have a policy that no one understands and will cost four times as much as originally touted. The Social Security plan... same thing. It sounded good with the talking points but the ugly details got in the way. So, not he's stuck talking about it even when the reality is that it won't get done.

    This is why I think having someone that appreciate the nuances is better than someone with a clear message that doesn't.

    Clinton and Reagan understood both and did good jobs - though I couldn't stand Ronnie.
  12. Dave Miller Says:
    James, maybe you posed the $64,000.00 question in one of your last comments. You state, “A man should have the right to live as he pleases so long as he doesn’t infringe on the rights of another or disrespect the sensibilities of society.” Who decides when someone is disrespecting the sensibilities of society? Is there a baseline level out there. I would guess politically that there is not and that that baseline is a moveable object depending on where you live, what you do, your upbringing, etc.

    Could that not be what true conservatives are looking for, a nonmoveable line, while the liberals are more willing to accept a moveable and changeable line?
  13. James Manning Says:

    You have just pointed out the third rail of political discourse. This is where the rubber meets the road. In our society, we base laws on Christian values and that is where many stop. Then there are those that take it a step further and draw the line at common sense and human value.

    The battle takes place in the middle. Marriage is a religious institution that is good in the sight of God - but how does the bible deal with the legal structure of marriage that could easily be extended to those that fall outside of the religious definition.

    The question of slavery caused the same problems. If all men are created equal how is one man subject to another simply on the color of his skin? We answered that one.

    Yes, Dave, Conservatives are looking for a nonmovable line and I don't totally disagree with that. My qustion is, how far should that line extend? Is the line drawn in the proper place? I believe that has to be answered on a case by case basis.
  14. Dell Gines Says:
    True James, but fairness is a relative concept :)therefore it is difficult to be dogmatic, and there is nothing inherently fair in a society that is based upon capitalism. Which is ultimately why liberalism tends to be more on the socialistic side when take n to its logical conclusion.

    Which is why I am not a liberal.
  15. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    12 12 05

    "Fair" is a liberal word!
  16. bold as love Says:
    The whole issue is quite simple-It becomes complicated if you try to defend or advance the Liberal position. Its the struggle to make all the Liberal ideas and agendas agree with reality and truth that makes the so-called liberal messsage a mess.

  17. James Manning Says:
    I totally disagree with you Bold, but thus far Liberals have done nothing to counter what you are saying. But those of us outside of the political board room do have the means of defending out position. We just don't get the air time or the votes.

    How would you rate the performance of the Republican Party now that they've controlled the world for over six years?
  18. chance Says:
    To Jay manning

    Chance: Very interesting essay I could add a lot to this but I will end up bein long winded so I will just say keep it up Jay (james) because it is a very good essay and. I have noticed also that you are becoming more intellectually inclined on your blogsite. You have a variety of subjects and topics and that is good.

    Keep it up Jay.

    By Chance
  19. MEP Says:
    I think one of the biggest problems limiting politics is that people percieve ambiguity as a problem. Liberals and more apt to acknowledge that life, morals, and right and wrong are ambiguous. What's right for you might not be right for me and vica versa. Conservatives and moderates are less likely to be comfortable with that - they are more likely to want things to go their way.

    That's one of the biggest reasons why Kerry didn't win. Bush pegged him as a "flip-flopper" like it was a bad thing, and people bought it! People bought that you couldn't change your mind or evolve based on evidence or circumstances and still have beliefs. Completely ridiculous - because that's not how life works.

    Example: Pro-lifers want to outlaw or further restrict abortion because they don't feel it's right. Pro-choicers don't always agree with abortion but they acknowledge that other people may find that to be the best option for them. So they want to continue to allow others to make that choice for themselves.

    My point is that conservatives are more likely to feel the need to define things or determine an absolute. Western culture itself tends to be uncomfortable with ambiguity so conservatives have numbers on their sides.
  20. MEP Says:
    I do agree thought, that liberals need to clarify their messages. Not simplify. Simplify implies dumbing it down - that's not necessary. A message can be as challenging and complex as you want it to be as long as it is clear and organized.

    It wouldn't hurt to point-counterpoint conservative messages either to point out fallacies, hurtful messages/policies, and mistruths.
  21. sandy Says:
    Just what is a liberals policy anyway?
    As James pointed out, conservatives know what they want. They want less government, less taxes, less crime, and less government social programs that cost a lot of money but seem to keep people helpless.

    Like Mahn, I vote as an Independent.
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  35. Anonymous Says:
    center trade