I'm So Sick of Bush

If President Bush isn't an idiot, he sure sounded like one today. He is actually claiming that those that do not support the war are throwing out false statements are rewriting the history of how we got to war. This bastard. Oh, the mindless neo-cons will now come out of the woodwork spit the same administrative kool-aid they’ve been drinking for the past five years. I can't wait.

But I’ve had it up to hear, (tapping forehead with hand) with the Murderous Republicana Reich and their supporters. You, neo-cons and your supporters, have gone too far with your genocidal tendencies and human rights violations. Your excuse for the continuation of this war is that everyone got the intelligence wrong. Complete the mission. Fight the war on Terror. Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over hear. Yada Yada Yada. Whatever. We're out to liberate Iraq.

Liberating Iraq my foot. There isn’t a single American that was interested in the liberation of Iraq before this war. Not when Saddam started a war with Iran and Donald Rumsfeld sold him weapons. We weren’t interested when Saddam gassed the Kurds. We weren’t interested in the liberation of Iraq when Saddam smashed a Shiite uprising after the first Bush motivated them to attempt a coup following the first Gulf War. You, neo-cons and the rest of the Murderous Republicana Reich, are hypocrites to the highest of hypocrisy.

Rumsfeld Shaking Hands with Saddam

Talking about supporting our troops. Would it be supporting the troops to send them to war with the proper equipment? Wouldn’t it be supporting our troops not to cut veteran benefits while in the middle of a war? Wouldn’t it be supporting our troops not to implement backdoor drafts and using the National Guard in a way that was never intended? Wouldn’t it be supporting the troops to invade a country with some idea of an exit strategy?

Tell me, neo-cons, members of the Murderous Republican Reich, how is it that when we call for an exit strategy that is a sign that we are not supporting our troops? How is that when we call for the Administration to change the policy as to not overextend our National Guard, that is not a sign of us supporting out troops? Is sending our troops off to die for a political cause a means of supporting our troops? Is having them torture prisoners then court martialing them when your dirtly little secret is exposed, supporting our troops? You are a bunch of sick puppies.

Mr. Bush, how dare you give a speech saying that we are trying to rewrite history when it was YOU, and that genocidal maniac you call vice-president and your Toms (Powell & Rice) that told the American people that YOU KNEW where Saddam’s weapons stash were. YOU KNEW, that he had reconstituted his nuclear program. You, Mr. Bush, leader of the Murderous Republican Reich, leaked the name of a covert CIA operative in retaliation for Joe Wilson’s report on Saddam’s seeking yellow-cake from Niger. It was you that forced the retirement of General Eric Shinseki. He told you that the US did not have the adequate forces in Iraq and it that turned out to be the case.

It was you, Mr. Bush, that flew on the USS Lincoln on May 1, 2003 and claimed that major combat operation were over while standing before a banner that read ‘mission Accomplished’. And yet here we are with more than 130,000 troops stationed in Iraq, over 2000 dead and 15,000 injured.

Rewrite history my foot, Mr. President. Review the transcripts of Dick Cheney's interview with Tim Russert on March 16, 2003. Relive the lies that Cheney told the American people on that day. Will you, Mr. Bush?

Review the Downing Street Memos that you and the rest of you genocidal clan choose to ignore. It clearly states that y0u were preparing for war and was sifting through the intelligence that would support your policy. Will you, Mr. Bush?

If that is not enough for you Mr. Bush, what about the fact that six days after 9/11 you asked the pentagon to issue a plan for the invasion of Iraq.

No sir, Mr. Bush, history is on the side of those that opposed the disastrous plot to invade Iraq. You have the bully pulpit and you have a legion of ditto-heads ready to follow your every move. But as the polls have indicated, most Americans are not with you Mr. Bush. So, go ahead and attack those of us that see through your vile lies and deceit. Pretend we don’t care about our troops because we feel that they would be better served protecting America rather than chasing insurgents through the desert sands of Iraq.

You, Mr. Bush, will be gone in three years. Thus becoming an irrelevant part of history. We will still be here, engaged in the political well-being of our nation and demanding more of our politicians. Your policy of pre-emptive warfare will fall by the wayside.

As for the rest of you ditto-heads and members of the Murderous Republicana Reich, we’ll just have to pray for you and hope that one day you open your eyes. I still have hope for some of you. But not all.


20 Responses to I'm So Sick of Bush

  1. Robert Neddo Says:
    You're going to catch hell for it, but good post. I'm adding you to my list. Thanks for the effort.
  2. Naro% Says:
    Nigga you trying to "restart" the COINTELPRO! Fuck it I'm Down!
  3. Kathleen Callon Says:
    Thanks for the comment, and great post. I posted the Rumsfeld handshake, too, and on my husband's suggestion, titled it "Would you like some mustard for your Kurds?" It's all so sick. War makes war makes war... maybe if we stopped training and making Saddams and Osamas the world could start turning around? Couldn't hurt to try.

  4. bold as love Says:
    I'm going to make a limited response-it's friday, gotta go into tha weekend with a good vibe- But your accusation that Bush is a genecidal maniac is wayyyyy....off base- you are too fuckin' intelligent Peace on That to sling a statement out there like that.
    1- Genocide- we all know what it is but we use the word and concept incorrectly- you know there is no plot or plan to kill all Arabs, so why go there.
    2- If you believe there is a plot to kill all Arabs, then you need more help than we amatuers can give- you need professional, big medical coverage help.
    3- Hilliary. kerry, Kennedy-even fromer president Clinton all concurred that Irag under Hussien rule was a threat- it's all on public record, it's just that the leftists Media will not hold these people to a standard. They can say what ever is expedient for them knowing full well the Media will not call them on it.
    4- We- The USA, before 911 were guilty of only one thing- our unwavering support of Israel- And we got wacked- Now I don't support everything Isreal says or does, but I will not turn my back on the Nation of My Lord and Savior- as ya'll already can see from my blog I need the forgivness of Jesus to stay out of Hell.
    5- Iam not trying to convince you to like, tolerate, or favor Bush- Just make sure you are willing to lay blame at the feet of the guilty- Why was the intellegence not up to speed- Democrats killed our intelligence agency under Clinton, hell it started with Carter, he hated spooks. Check this out, I believe the intelligence we had before the war was basically correct but not having any real assets(spies) on the ground we can't prove that the WMDs were shipped to Iran and Syria- which is where most intelligence agency know where it went- they can't compromise what assets they do have to substantiate the info to the public, or do not what to for other reasons-France is a prime example.
  5. Adrianne Says:
    Oh it just makes me angry..... I watched his television appearance hoping for something meaningful. Something beyond the slogans he has memorized...of course he gave us nothing useful, just a prepared speech that was surely not even written by him.
  6. Naro% Says:
    Hey bold as love you wanna see some spies! Just let 500 black people start writing some serious shit, and BLAMO I'll bet you this intel defecit will vanish just like those WMD's!
  7. James Manning Says:
    @ Bold,

    This is my rant so my genocidal maniac comment is meant to be over the top and inflammatory...

    As for mentioning Carter, if you recall we had 8 years of Reagan and an Iran Contra scam then another 4 years of Bush before Clinton ever stepped in office.

    I'll get into the facts about the CIA in a couple of days.

    Respond to your #2: I don't think there is a plot to kill all Arabs. But the US supports Arab regimes that violate human rights for the sake of oil. The mentality that the enemy of my enemy is my friend is the mantra they go by. Hence, you have the US supporting Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war and you have US supporting Saudi Arabia even with their human rights issues and you have the US supporting Bin Laden during the Afghan war against the Soviet Union.

    #3 I know the Dems supported this war and had some of the same intelligence. But the fact is the Admin downplayed intelligence that didn't support their cause and hyped intelligence that did. Powell was the only naysayer in the bunch and look where he is today.

    #4 I don't support any terrorist act but read my #2 again and add the US support for Israel plus Wahhabism and you have the making of 9/11. It is the Arab regimes that we support that create these nuts. Why do you think all of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and not Iran or Iraq? Because Saudi Arabia produces these nutcases and yet we stand back and allow it, meanwhile attacking a country where sanctions and isolation had decimated them to the point where they were no threat to us.

    #5 I'd never support Bush so that would be a waste of your time. I believe 50 years from you guys will be pointing the finger at Clinton. Every that is wrong with this country is Clinton fault but every thing that is good is because of Bush's tax cuts. Well, here's a nice fig leaf for you - Clinton made some mistakes but he was not the cause for 9/11. Heck, I don't even blame Bush for 9/11. Terrorist will strike and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them. But this war is George Bush's in the making and that is what this rant is about.

    I don't know how we always go back to 9/11 when we discuss the Iraq war. They are two separate incidents that Bush has tried to connect (and has successfully done so with a segment of the population). However, the rest of us see through his bullshit and call him on it. OK, have a good weekend.
  8. James Manning Says:
    @ Adrianne,

    I've been waiting five years to hear the man say something profound. It hasn't happened. His speeches are basically cliche's and soundbites for the news media. On simple intelligent conversation with the American people. That is all that I am asking of him - and he has yet to deliver. In fact, I bet I could write Bush next 20 speeches in ten minutes.
  9. crallspace Says:
    WOnderful post!

    These Satan-on-Earth neo-cons are the lowest form of human life...if they even qualify for that title.
  10. Intellectual Insurgent Says:
    A friend of mine gave me a calendar of Bushisms for 2005. My favorite, which is absolute evidence that Bush is a nutcase who either needs more drugs or did too many, is from October 28, 2003:

    "The world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership."

    Are you F-ing kidding me?????
  11. Adrianne Says:
    His speeches are just filler slogans...."Freedom Isn't Free" "Us Against Them" "The Iraqi People Are Able To Vote"....blah blah blah
  12. James Manning Says:

    Exactly, I actually predicted a speech once and I was right on the content and damn near predicted the sequence.


    thanks for the input. Neo-cons see what they want to see while the rest of see that he is a load of crap.
  13. Cynthia Says:
    With all your new Republican friends, I almost think it is a litte unfair to them that you would spring this on them. For a brief second, I thought you had went all moderate on us. Oh well, the truth is the truth.

    This is an excellent post. And - is exactly what I think of everything that the Bush Regime has done. If there is truly a God, they will be judged for their deeds. Otherwise, life will go on as it is.
  14. James Manning Says:
    @ Cynt:

    They know where I stand. I've been saying the same thing. Don't let my good nature fool you. I can be cool with people on the other side, but my disgust of Bush and everything he stands for is a strong today as it has always been. This last speech, however, just irked my to another level.
  15. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    Ahhhh... this reminds me of the good old days.
  16. Viqi French Says:
    you've said it all, practically. i'd only add the "little layer about saddam having sat on what the experts consider the easiest to refine oil currently known of on the planet. and the fact that exxon-mobil just made $15 BILLION in one friggin' quarter. all mere coincidence? i think not.

    excellent post
  17. Anonymous Says:
    I would have to agree with the majority of what you think...yes president Bush is a greedy, lying politician whom thinks of nothing but the financial future at the expense of lives. Like many I believe that even though told differentlty we are on the verge of an oil shortage. There is no doubt about it, as it is now we are the super power of the world, but without interfering it will not always be so. Do you really think that Bush wants the states to make oil deals with the middle-east in thirty years, letting the world know that the U.S actually needs them? It would be much easier to take the first opportunity to steal it from them.
    I will not deny that Suddam may have been a threat to the states, as you stated Suddam has done many hanice acts to others, yet until Bush got the country into an uproar by swithching back and forth from yellow to orange alert, he did not take action. Now distracting us with the Irag war to make us forget that Usama got the best of him and escaped. Perhaps if Bush actually gave two shits he would get off his ass and at least make it seem as if he was still searching.
    Yes Bush is what many consider to be evil, diabolical, treacherous and deceitful, yet all the blame is not for him. We must all take responsibility for our actions, or lack there of. Yes we know what he is doing is wrong, yet we speak of it only in these blogs and anonymous letters. We as americans let him litteraly steal the election, even though there was documentation to show that there was tampering with the ballots, and that many votes did not get counted. We as americans almost allowed a draft. (I don't know about you but I don't want kill or be killed for his wants and needs when they are clearly wrong.) We as americans then let him pass a bill allowing him to use nuclear weapons efficiantly on country's harborign terrorists. Now, we as americans have let him conduct illegal wire taps that were banned in '78.
    Yes Bush is indeed the perfect example of humanity's greed and corruption. Now we as americans need to stand for what is right, we as americans must no longer let Bush force us into doing what we know is so very wrong, I am not saying form a militia or an anti-government group, all I am saying that we as americans have the power to stop this. All I hear when I discuss this with people is what can I do, I'm only one person. It only takes one person to help another realize the truth, and when that truth is realized the hardes part is done, next is doing something about it. So let me ask you, what will you , as an american, do?
  18. Anonymous Says:
    tune in to john mearsheimer and stephen walt you have an administration that stinks when your soldiers are dying for a foreign power in arabia that must be caused by treasonable acts the resons for the war were contrived by those who should show alegiance to the usa your president may seem strong but i think the reverse is true.
  19. Anonymous Says:
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