Spoken Word: Drug Love

This concept of this poem is: If drugs were a man, what would he say to his woman? This came about from a conversation I had with several poets while hanging out at Jazz N' Java, a coffee house on Chicago's southside that host several spoken words sets a week. The audio isn't the best but it will give you an idea of how it sounds when I perform it.

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Drug Love

You cry for me.
Can you kill for me?
As many thrills as I given to thee,
I need you to steal for me.

Come to me.
Let me hold you sweet child.
But just for a while
cuz I need you to do a drive by for me.

Lie for me.
I am your god,
die for me.

Here, take another hit of me.
See how good that feels.
I’m in your veins now.
I’ve conquered your brain,
I’ve made you insane.
I’ve eliminated the pain.

Scream my name baby.
Come on, scream my name.

Let me deep inside you.
Let me hide the filth of my nature in you.
Then I am you.
I am your hurt.
I am your worth
I’ll make you the bastard of my birth.
And all your labor and hard work is for me.
I am your god,
kneel to me.
Call me the almighty.
That I might send thee
through the doors of strange men for me.
Fill your belly with their seeds for me.

Fill your belly
Fill your belly with their seed
Feel your belly.

He belongs to me also.
The seed of your grief is mine.
I am you god, be blind

I am the shadow of death
that plagues your mind.
I am your divine.
I draw the line and sniff it
when I tell you to.

And you come when I come
I command your mind to be numb

And the filthy child I place in your womb
I take back. and make your belly his tomb.
There’s no room in this world for the both of us.
So I crush him.
Rush him to an early grave.
Mamma can’t save.
cuz mamma is the slave.

Mamma can’t save
cuz mamma need saving.
Mamma’s bathing in my flesh.
so I rip her flesh and blood away from her.
She longs for my curse to her.
I aborted the worst of her.
And filled her with my thirst for her.
But my magic no longer works on her.
So now it’s time to kill her.

Nothing beautiful of her is left.
So now I must rid myself her.
And give my love to someone else.
But I do it all... for her.

James Manning


4 Responses to Spoken Word: Drug Love

  1. Malik Says:
    *Malik snaps his fingers in applause
  2. jaimie Says:
    Very good.
  3. Shirazi Says:
    Yes, real good. Cheers.
  4. Cynthia Says:
    I like. A poet too.. Very nice!