Friday's Top Ten: Worst Shows of the 80's

Once again, I bring you the blogasphere famous, Friday's Top Ten. Today, I'm going to go into my television habits and pick out the worst television shows that I wasted braincells watching. Some of these shows were hits and others bombed but in retrospect, they all sucked for some reason or another. Click on the title to view the pictures.

10. Alf – Ok, a spaceships crashes into your garage and a furry little creature comes scampering out – what do you do? Well, according to this family, you invite the sucker to live your house and attempt to teach him human customs. The only thing I can say for Alf is that he viewed cats as a delicacy.

Greatest American Hero –This is the only show that is not a sitcom to make the list. The theme song was cool. ‘Believe It or Not’ by Scarbury was cool but after a couple of episodes of watching him having trouble flying and crashing into the ground when he tried to land got old fast.

Double Trouble – Set in the oh so culturally sophisticated city of Des Moines Iowa, Double Trouble was a very kernels away from a stalk. Everything about this show screamed sitcom formula. Identical twins with polar opposite personalities. What a hot mess. The girls were cute but it didn’t take long for this show to go the way of the parents like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn.

Silver Spoons – Erin Gray was a hottie and Rick Schroder got his start here but what was this show about. I can’t recall when they didn’t leave the living room and what was the thing about the train? The show had two black folks on it so that was cool. But somehow I couldn’t sink my teeth into this show. As a matter of fact, I really hated it but I was forced to watch it because my sister had a crush on Alfonso Ribeiro.

Who’s the Boss – It was my first glimpse of the now famous Alyssa Milano and I knew she’d turn out to be a hottie. But Tony Danza and his “fabulous” smile and good natured oh so irked me. How does a tough Italian kid from New York end up as a housekeeper… they don’t. How many years was it before he finally got with the skinny big bird looking chic? If he were smart he would have gotten with the skinny chick’s mom. Katherine Helmond has to be the sexiest middle-aged white woman alive. If not for the hottie to be and the seasoned hottie, the show would not have lasted a month.

5. Perfect Strangers – It was disgrace that they set this show in Chicago. Am I the only one that hated Balki? A classic buddy sitcom that had a few memorable moments but I soon became tired of his ‘Don’t be redikalus’ line. Once, I just wanted Larry to punch little lovable Balki in the face. I got through two seasons of this show and tuned it out until now.

Charles In Charge – Isn’t it sad that an actor can make the list twice considering all of the bad shows there were in the 80’s. This further lets me know the mediocrity of Scott’s acting skills… or script selection. Charles was a college student providing babysitting duty in exchange for room and board. And that’s pretty much as good as this show got.

Joanie Loves Chachie – This was a spinoff from Happy Days and it really sucked. It wasn’t until this show came out that I realized that I hated Scott Baio. I watched it for a while because of Erin Moran but after about three episodes I had to turn it off.

Three’s a Crowd – Without Janet and Chrissy (and whatever dingy blonde chick they could find to replace Chrissy) and the playboy wannabe Mr. Furley, Jack Tripper was just not the same. I tried to watch it because I was a big fan of the mindless, gay joke infested ‘Three’s Company’. Too bad because John Ritter (RIP) was one of the best, but even diamonds smell if you stick it in a pile of mess.

Webster – Find a two-foot Negro, a crippled ex-football player that can’t act, borrow a script from Dif’rent Strokes and what do you have… a pile of steamy feces. This show had not redeeming qualities whatsoever. They simply tried to play off of the cuteness of the short Negro kid. Did they or did they not treat Webster like he was a Chihuahua? There is a reason you never see this show – it was terrible.


10 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Worst Shows of the 80's

  1. Jaimie Says:
    Hey! I liked Silver Spoons!
  2. kerri Says:
    My husband would so argue his point about Alf...

    I think he may still even have an Alf doll among his 'childhood memories'... lol ;o)
  3. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    There was some show about a little girl robot that was pretty bad too.

    I agree with most of your picks, but sorry "Perfect Strangers" used to have me crying in laughter back in the day.
  4. Jaimie Says:
    I forgot about the robot girl show! Even though I was young, I knew that was a bad show.
  5. Cynthia Says:
    I really liked Who's the boss. You're right, the others sucked...
  6. Anonymous Says:
    Small Wonder I think that was the name of the show with the girl robot..
  7. Anonymous Says:
    Small Wonder (The robot girl).
    LOL. Still remember the song.
  8. TY Says:
  9. Kooz Says:
    Oh man, Three's a Crowd is a good choice. Where is Small Wonder--I agree with other posters. My list is here:
  10. Blogger Says:
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