What Would I Do With $100 Million

I have never been one to play the lottery unless it reaches $100 million. At that point, I see no harm in throwing five bucks for a little luck. There is this saying that money can't buy happiness. I'm sure that is true. However, I once heard someone counter that buy saying, "Whoever said money can't buy happiness was shopping in the wrong store." I thought that was funny.

Considering the cost of living in California and the fact that I actually served in the military with a guy that won the California state lottery, I'm thinking about investing a couple of bucks on a long shot. In order prepare myself for the life altering experience in winning the lotto, I started thinking, what would I do with $100 million?

So here is a list. No all inclusive, but for the most part this is where my money would go.

Now, I have to give the government half so I'm really only working with $50 million.

Quit My JOB
1. Invest, Invest, Invest ($20 million)
2. Purchase a home for my parents and set their bank accounts up right. ($4 million)
3. Pass some to close family and friends. ($6 million)
4. Set up trust funds for the nieces and nephews ($2 million)
5. Take care of my girlfriend's mother and father ($3 million)
6. Help build a community center in my old neighborhood ($500,000)
7. Donate to my church ($500,000)
8. Purchase a home in Los Angeles ($1.5 million)
9. Hook me up with a nice benz and get a nice Jag for the little lady ($200,000)
10. Take a nice vacation ($20,000)
11. Purchase some rental property (Chicago/Atlanta) ($3 million)

That leaves about $10 million to play with for the next 40 years. Which means I can pay myself about $250,000 a year. I'm sure there is some shopping in there somewhere, but for the most part, I would feel pretty good.


2 Responses to What Would I Do With $100 Million

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    10 12 05

    Hmm, good ideas James:) I might do the same except set up cottages or ranches in AZ, New Zealand, CA and Vancouver. Of course the charities and family stuff, and Oh, I would donate to the Physics Dept at SFSU:)
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