Pigskin Challenge Week 5 Recap

Wow, so a brother actually made some moves this week with the picks. I am no longer at the bottom of the pack. This was a very difficult week and it showed with Dell falling out of the top spot after holding it down for four weeks.

I watched part of the Steelers and Chargers game and the Steelers put together a clinic on how to stop the Chargers offense. It was a great game – for what part I was able to watch – but it did put the Chargers in a precarious position with Denver winning this week.

The NFC East is turning out to be a very competitive division. I thought the Eagles would run away with it but Dallas and Washington and the Giants are not going to make that easy.

One of my Fantasy teams one and now stands at 4-1. The other team is 1-3-1. Sucks for me.

Name week 5 (overall)
James 8-6 (41-33)
Dell: 7-7 (46-28)
Cris Carter 5-9 (39-35)
Larry Bell 8-6 (43-31)
Brandon Funston 9-5 (44-30)
Mike Harmon 7-7 (42-32)


2 Responses to Pigskin Challenge Week 5 Recap

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