My Take on the Headlines

Bush Taps Harriet Miers to Replace O’Connors

I posted a response to this on Dell Gines’ blog. My take is that I don’t know anything about her so I’ll just wait. But the problem I have is that not a single Republican is questioning the merit of this pick and Democrats are scratching their heads wondering how to challenge her. What I read in most of the articles is that she does not have a paper trail. Shouldn’t someone that the President will appoint to a lifetime position and has the power to construct and deconstruct laws that have implications on every facet of our lives, have SOME paper trail. How do we know if she is qualified if we can’t interpret her judicial philosophy?

I think we should ask more of our representatives. Their job is to determine if the nominee is qualified and they can’t do that if their giving press conferences ten minutes after the President makes an announcement stating how qualified they the person is for the seat.

Bill Bennett's Racial Comment

Imagine that you in the woods and a bear is barreling down on you. While you’re running for your life, a mosquito bites you on the neck. Do you stop to deal with the insect bite? I think not. And that is how I view Bill Bennett comments. They are insignificant.

My fellow brothers and sisters, one thing we must understand about the Right is that they are notorious for making stupid comments when in comes to race. We cannot get our panties in a knot every time some idiot opens their mouth. It takes the focus off of the real issues. I guarantee that sixty days from now, another right-winger will say something stupid and that will be all over the news.

I don’t know if Bill Bennett is a racist and I don’t even care. He has his backers trying to clean up his remark, but lets face it – if he’s not a racist then he is guilty of using an inappropriate analogy to try and make his point. Stating that we could reduce crime if we abort every black baby is not something a thinking man would say. Maybe had he said if we aborted every male baby – seems like it would make sense since more crime is committed by men. Maybe if we aborted every male child in a metropolitan area – that would reduce crime. It’s a dumb analogy to say the least. I’m sure no one would say that if we wanted to decrease obesity then we should allow fat people to have children. Whether you could prove the statement true or false is irrelevant. What we are talking about is decencies. What Bill Bennett said was inappropriate to say the least. But lets not spend too much time on it.

The War in Iraq

There is something about politics and contradictions that never cease to amaze me. This past week Gen. Casey testified that Iraq has gone from three battalions prepared to fight alone to only one. In the same statement he testified that we were making progress with the security forces.

Now, the President has stated that as Iraqi forces stand up, US forces will stand down. Gen. Casey then says that we will be able to stand down because more Iraqi battalions are reaching level two status. Meaning, they can operate with American forces support. Again, if the Iraqi forces and can only operate with American support and there is only one battalion that can operate independently, how is it that we can draw down our forces without jeopardizing Iraq’s security?

I am sure glad people are waking up to the foolishness of this Administration.


2 Responses to My Take on the Headlines

  1. Midlife Crisis Says:
    I agree with your whole Bill Bennett take. We can't keep being reactionaries who get mad every time an ignorant white cracka says something that hurts our wittle feewings. We do have more pressing issues.
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    I think that is the biggest thing, is 'his backers trying to clean it up'.

    I think it is more important though that you suggest. When these issues come up, yes we are reactionary to them, but the also provide us with a focus that we don't have when there is nothing vivid to attack and pursue.

    Unfortunately at this stage in our development, we need things to mobilize us to shake us out of our funk. I wish more ultra-rights would put there foot in their mouths.