Friday's Top Ten: Black Actress We Need to See More Often

Angela Bassett: Most Notable Role - Tina Turner (What's Love Got to Do With It) - Angela is probably the best black female actress on the scene right now, but you wouldn't know it. Hollywood has no idea what to do with her. Her roles in Mr. 3000 and The Score were light and didn't showcase her skills at all.


Tamara Tumie: Most Notable Role - Wanda Warner (Law & Order: SVU) - She has a recurring role as the Medical Examiner on SVU, but I'd like to see her on the big screen. She played one of the evil dames in The Devil's Advocate, but the only thing she did was show some werewolf teeth and her breast.


Nia Long: Most Notable Role - Brandi (Boyz n the Hood) - She is an exceptional talent and I like her in almost everything she does. I really enjoyed her role in Love Jones. When she was cast for Third Watch (TV Series) the show went to a new level. Too bad that show didn't make it. It was one of the best on TV.


Regina Taylor: Most Notable Role - Lilly Harper (I'll Fly Away: Then and Now) Most people will recognize her from Clockers and Sam Jackson's wife on The Negotiator. But I first took note of her as Lilly in the tv series. It was a great show but it didn't last long. She had a one woman play several years ago that got rave reviews. She is great actress but again, Hollywood has nothing for her.


Jurnee Smollett: Most Notable Role - Eve Batiste (Eve's Bayou) - She opened a lot of eyes with her performance but outside of doing the Cosby show that aired on CBS, I haven't seen much from her. She's a grown woman now so I'd like to see her come into her own.


Aunjanue Ellis: Most Notable Role - Off. Lulu Ledbetter (The Caveman's Valentine) - She's been around longer but it was in this film where I first noticed her. I think most people will recognize her as Zora in Undercover Brother. She is a great actress but her rolls are too far and in between.


Sanaa Lathan: Most Notable Role - Robin (The Best Man) - This is the film that put her on the map and she was cool in Brown Sugar. However, those are softball roles and I think it's time she moved up to the big leagues with something more dramatic. I don't think we've really seen what she can do.


Regina King: Most Notable Role - Brenda Jenkins ( series) - She's been around a long time and I've seen her do her thing. That is the reason I would like to see more of her. She was excellent in Ray. I don't think she could have played the role any better. She is definitely one of the best black actresses on the scene.


Thandie Newton: Most Notable Role - Beloved (Beloved) - I actually saw her in Mission Impossible II before I saw Beloved, but it was Beloved that made me a fan. She had an excellent performance in Crash as well. She's actually been around a while having a recurring role on ER. But I didn't watch that show so I crossed her path late in the game.


Kimberly Elise: Most Notable Role – Helen (Diary of A Mad Black Woman) – I first saw her in John Q but it was in Diary that she got her glam on. She really hasn’t been around that long. Her first film was Set It Off in 1996. She’s a good actress and worthy of a top ten listing.


78 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Black Actress We Need to See More Often

  1. Genesis Says:
    k. elise was in one of those ghetto play/film movies earlier this year.

    j.smollett- i liked her in eve's bayou. she was in roll bounce. i dont want to get trapped in that "kiddie/teenybopper" movie shit. i want to see her act

    regina king- she was in ray. she is also doing the voices of huey and riley in the boondocks cartoon show on cartoon network. it premieres on oct. 2 @11pm

    anjanue ellis- i think i saw her in ray as well. i dont have her face embedded in my head, so i couldnt tell you what she looked like off the back. i do think she was the one tryna holla at ray in the movie. she ended up being the one who smashed his car window in.

    fuck a halle berry...with her overrated ass. i miss angela. enough said.

    i want to see lynn whitfield again. the last time i saw her anything, she was on boston public and that was a minute ago. dayum that was a good show.

    more sanaa is needed.

    i didnt even know who that other lady was til u mentioned she wason l&0:svu. i dont think i pay too much attention to her when i watch the show.

    as for the rest of your list? thandie newton? negative.

    more kerry washington!!!and sanaa
    lathan...i think i said that already.
  2. MEP Says:
    I love Sanaa Lathan, and Love and Basketball (which you didn't mention) is one of my favorite movies of all time. Definitely a 3-tissue flick. I love her.
  3. Anonymous Says:
    Holy Cow, is # 6 a man???? hit hard with the ugly stick that one...
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  7. Blackhoney Says:
    I am feeling mostly all your choices but right now Hollywood is stuck on Halle Berry and only showcasing a certain type and look of Black woman.

    It seems the next big Black actress will be Beyonce.She is the go to girl these days and people seem to think she is on her way.
  8. mark Says:
    Yo James you forgot Alfre Woodard she is excellent, did you see her in Crooklyn. Mark
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