Pigskin Challenge: Week 4 Recap

I can't say that much happened this week. There was no movement in the standing but it is starting to tighten up a bit. Dell is still way out in front. The first two weeks really did him some justice. This next week will test our skills. There are a lot of tough games on the schedule and only few are “for sure” bets.

With a quarter of the season behind us, I want to look at my preseason top ten and see how I’m doing.

1. Indianapolis Colts –
2. New Englad Patriots -
3. Philadelphia Eagles -
4. Pittsburg Steelers -
5. Baltimore Ravens
6. Carolina Panthers -
7. Atlanta Falcons -
8. San Diego Chargers -
9. Minnasota Vikings -
10. Kansas City Cheifs -

Current Top Ten (preason)

1. Indianapolis Colts (1)
2. Philadelphia Eagles (3)
3. Atlanta Falcons (7)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (-)
5. San Diego Chargers (8)
6. Pittsburg Steelers (4)
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-)
8. Denver Broncos (-)
9. New England Patriots (2)
10. NY Giants (-)

What happened to:

Baltimore Ravens: No offense. That was the question I had at the beginning of the season and the proved to me that they can’t score.
Carolina Panthers – They are right there in the mix. If they get on a run look out.
Minnesota Vikings – They tried to tell us that they would be better without Randy Moss. We tried to tell them differently. The didn’t listen.
Kansas City Chiefs – When you can’t hold a 17 point lead, you don’t need to be in the top ten.

NameWeek 4 - (Current)
J. Manning: 10-4 33-27
D. Gines: 10-4 39-21
C. Carter: 10-4 34-26
L. Bell: 9-5 35-25
B. Funston: 8-6 35-25
M. Harmon: 11-3 35-25


2 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 4 Recap

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    I am a monster!

    I still think that Carolina will be in there when all is said and done.

    Minnesota is a big dissapointment, and I still don't have San Diego ranked as high.

    This next week should be good.
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