Exploring the Blogasphere

The world is a very big place. If you ever have an opportunity to take a spontaneous road trip, do so. Simply get in your car and start driving and stop when something strikes your interest. I did this several times and once I ended up in Julian California and another time I found myself in Michigan City Indiana.

When I lived in Chicago, my Friday nights consisted of getting dress and driving north on I-55 until I got to Lake Shore Drive. At that point I had to decide whether to go north or south. If I went south, it was steppers and blues and if I drove north then I was in for hip hop or reggae.

The blogasphere is a world unto itself and I suspect I haven’t even tough one-one hundredth of the blogs available. So, today I’m going to explore. I’m starting with a link on Crunk and Disorderly. The plan is to visit a blog and read three post on the blog, comment, then click on the name of the first comment on the first post. If that person has a blog I will go there and start the process again. I will do this until I’ve visited at least ten blogs.

Has a good blog and has a list of 20 ways to know you take karaoke too seriously

Nikki is a very good writer and her blog is excellent. Her most recent post is about a girlfriend that was jilted at the altar.

Discussing the young lady in San Francisco that killed her three boys by tossing them into the ocean. Very sick.

Ok, not it’s time to go into a new direction. I’m noting that I’m only getting female blogs and they are discussing their lives and thoughts. Now, I’m going to start on Kansasscott’s blog. He is the pastor of the church that I attend (and I really must go soon. I haven’t gone since football season started). Anyway, I figure with him being a pastor, I’m going get a different vibe.

So here goes.

http://pastorafiki.blogspot.com/ Charlie’s blog.
Charlie is discussing the life of a friend that has made a lot of bad choices and how we are all capable of doing the same. He also has a great top ten list of things that are not necessary.

http://padrerich.blogspot.com/ Father Rich
Rich is discussing his vanity and struggle with losing hair on top of his head and gaining it in places where the should be none. It’s a good read and he has a excellent blog.

http://kestryl.blogspot.com/ Kestryl
Has a post on why we should have four day work weeks. Did you know that Italians get 8 weeks of vacation a year?

Well, that’s my exploration for the day. I’m going to try it again soon. There are a lot of good blogs out there and maybe I’ll find one that will add to my daily reading.


3 Responses to Exploring the Blogasphere

  1. Nikki Says:
    Wow, I'm grateful that you gave me a shout out.
  2. DJ Diva Says:
    UHM...I did the 20 bits on Karaoke...I was looking for where you may have added me to your blogroll...LOL
  3. Anonymous Says:
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