Pigskin Challenge: Week 7

Wow, I didn't update week six so here goes. The Bears won. Nuff said.

The standings: week 6 / overall
Dell - 9-5 / 55-33
James - 9-5 / 50-48
Carter - 10-4 / 49-39
Larry - 9-5 / 52-36
Brandon - 11-3 / 55-33
Mike - 10-4 / 52-36

Update: I have to change a couple of picks. I just found out that the starting QB for the Rams is not playing and I've changed my mind about the Bengals... I'm not a believer - at least not when it comes to playing the Steelers.

Now for week 7
MIAMI vs. Kansas City (the game is moved to Friday night)
ST. LOUIS vs. New Orleans (Changing pick to New Orleans)
Green Bay vs. MINNESOTA (boy, are the Vikings a bad team)
PHILADELPHIA vs. San Diego (pick)
WASHINGTON vs. San Francisco
CINCINNATI vs. Pittsburgh (Changing pick to the Steelers)
Indianapolis vs. HOUSTON
CLEVELAND vs. Detroit
SEATTLE vs. Dallas
OAKLAND vs. Buffalo
vs. (NYG) Denver (I'm still not sold on Denver)
ARIZONA vs. Tennessee
CHICAGO vs. Baltimore (Did the Bears last week or what)
ATLANTA vs. New York (NYJ)


4 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 7

  1. nandi_pandi Says:
    A football fan huh. I myself am not the biggest football fan. However, I do like going to the live games, and I prefer college football to pro. I think I prefer college b/c there seems to be more passion for the game.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me advice on how to get rid of the spam comments.
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    I missed Fridays games.
    Rams vs. No Orleans - Orleans
    Green Bay vs. MINNESOTA - Green Bay
    PHILADELPHIA vs. San Diego - San Diego
    WASHINGTON vs. San Francisco - Washington
    CINCINNATI vs. Pittsburgh - Cinnci
    Indianapolis vs. HOUSTON - Indianapolis
    CLEVELAND vs. Detroit - Detroit
    SEATTLE vs. Dallas - Dallas
    OAKLAND vs. Buffalo - Oakland
    NEW YORK vs. (NYG) Denver - Denver
    ARIZONA vs. Tennessee - Tennessee
    CHICAGO vs. Baltimore - Baltimore
    ATLANTA vs. New York - Atlanta
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