Political Patronage That Kills

Being from Chicago, I am familiar with political cronyism and friends of politicians getting inside deals. To the victor goes the spoils is a long tradition in American politics and there isn’t much we can do about it. However, the response of FEMA and the subsequent “reassignment” of Mike Brown should have many of us asking questions about the qualifications of the people placed in sensitive positions by Presidents, Governors or any politicians with the power to appoint people.

It is now known that Mike Brown has “discrepancies” on his resume. The problem is that Mike Brown was not head of the Census Bureau or the Smithsonian. He led an organization that’s primary objective is to respond to national disasters. People lives are at stake and to have a man that has no experience in emergency response management is not a good thing. Although there people that will say Mike Brown did a good job in the past – I say a clock that doesn’t work is correct twice a day. The role of government should not be to play Russian Roulette with lives.
I think it is time that the American people take a closer look at those appointed to position that impact our lives in critical areas. I’m sure there are a lot more Mike “Brownie” Brown’s out there somewhere.


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