Football in Review: Week 1 Recap

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*Monday Night Football not included

Cris Carter 7-9
Brandon Funston: 8-8
Larry Beil: 6-10
Mike Harmon: 6-10

The Blog:
Dell Gines 8-8
James Manning 6-10
Chris Roberts: 6-10

I was going to do this on Tuesday but the week was so bad that I don’t even care about tonight’s games. I checked out several games on the satellite dish since the Bears and Redskins games was so overwhelmingly inept. Redskins won, 9-7. Hell, I’ve seen White Sox games with more scoring than that.

The Games

Saints and Panthers: Very good game. There were some people out there picking the Panthers for the Super Bowl… Nope. However, the Saints are on and off – there are times when they are spectacular and then there are times when the just suck.

Packers and Lions: I had a feeling about those Lions. They didn’t play well in the pre-season but they have a lot of weapons on offense. They just might win the division. This may be your last season Favre – You didn’t look good out there.

Vikings and Buccaneers: Oh, yeah, Minnesota is soooo much better without Randy Moss. For those drinking that, addition by subtraction kool-aid, you can stop now. The Vikings need Randy Moss to open that offense. Although the defense is much better, they are not good enough to overcome the amount of turnovers the offense had. Note: Being a "family" helps the team is one of the most overrated myths in professional sports.

Colts and Ravens: That Raven defense is tough. But you can only hold down the Colts for so long then BAM!!! Manning and Harris connect and that’s that. The Ravens will win with defense. They’ll keep most teams under 20 and that should be good enough to get them to the playoffs.

Fantasy Football:
It looks as though both of my Fantasy Football teams will win this week.

Team Jimmyshoe: I scored 100 points. Mark Bulger and Buffalo’s defense scored 19 each and McAllister scored another 16.

Team Head Knockers: This team scored 70 points. Corey Dillon and Keyshawn Johnson scored 18 and 16 respectively.

What the hell happened to Michigan and Ohio State? My Big Ten teams didn’t make a good showing of themselves. Hell, even Iowa lost. Minnesota represented but who the heck cares about Minnesota football.


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