Bush Takes Responsibility

Well, well, well. The man is actually admitting that mistakes were made at the Federal level and is taking responsibility for it. And he should. HIS MAN, Mike Brown was charged with the responsibility to respond and he failed. FEMA was overwhelmed and Mike Brown was clueless.

So what is the reason behind this drastic turn of perspective from our President? I think he and his administration finally understand that most Americans are not falling for their spin. The media has taken the gloves off and people are no longer intimidated by talking heads and now speak out when they see this Administration make missteps.

This is also a politically calculated response as well. Please don't be so naive as to think that the Bush team have not crunched the numbers and found that they lose more credibility by deflecting blame than they do by accepting it. This is still politics people and no decision is made without calculating how much political capitol it will cost.

Conservatives were not happy with the government’s response. There is a mid-term election around the corner and the party in power generally takes the hit. That will be especially true if Bush's approval number don't improve.

The hurricane also called into question the government's ability to respond to terrorist attack. Since 2001, Bush has promoted himself as the best man to protect the American people. Hurricane Katrina was the first test for DHS and Americans have lost confidence in the department.

Bush is going to talk to the American people tonight. No doubt he will run off a list statistics and things that are happening. But now he has to tell the American people what went wrong, how it went wrong and what he plans to do about it. It is not enough to simply mistakes and whitewash it.

This is a matter of leadership and the Bush team failed. With Americans losing patience with Iraq and the Bush Administration looking lost with the response to Katrina, people are starting to question Bush's leadership skills and his decision making skills. How do you place a man like Mike Brown in a critical position such as Chief of FEMA?


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