Pigskin Challenge: Week 3 Recap

Well, this is more like it. I went 11-3 this past weekend. However, everyone else did well also. So, no ground was made up. But it feels good to be on track. One of my fantasy teams lost so overall, the weekend was even.

I have one complaint. I paid $200 for the NFL Season Ticket and I spent most of Sunday morning frustrated by the fact that half the channels were not available. When I called for tech support, Direct TV sent me through an obstacle course of troubleshooting options. When I finally got a hold of a operator they kept asking me about recent weather. I'm in Southern California - there is no weather here. My dish points towards the southern sky with only a couple of powerlines blocking it. There is no excuse for me not to have a signal. Needless to say I was pissed.

My Bears let me down but I could only drink the kool-aid for so long. I have no idea what is going on with the Colts' offense. But they have an improved defense and if Manning gets hot - look out AFC. Team I am most impressed with is the Titans. I know they lost but they are a much better team than I anticipated. Arizona - the Clippers of the NFL. They should move that franchise to Canada.

Well, enough of that. I haven't seen the schedule for week 4, but hopefully I can make some progress.

Week 4 Results:
Chris Carter 12-2
James Manning 11-3
Brandon Funston 11-3
Dell Gines 10-4
Larry Bell 10-4
Mike Harmon 8-6

Dell Gines 29-17
Brandon Funston 27-19
Larry Bell 26-20
Mike Harmon 24-22
Chris Carter 24-22
James Manning 23-23


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  1. Dell Gines Says:
    I am a monster!