Pigskin Challenge: Week 3 (Redux)

It is not going well for the home team. I am at the bottom of the pile when it comes to my picks. For the life of me I can not understand the Ravens. They have the defense and a solid running game. How is that they can't win? I picked New Orleans last week, but to be honest, I think they are tired. The first game the emotions carried them through, but this is football - you can only get so far on emotions.

Miami is another team I am not sure about. The seem great in week one then dropped a bomb in week two. Oh, lets not forget the Chargers. What the hell is going on there? I'm not sold on Cleveland, but they are looking good. And the Bengals... WOW. They just might be for real. The are playing my beloved Bears this weekend. I think the Bengals with get them but I took a sip of the Chicago "Red" kool-aid and the put a double dose of sugar in it - SO I'M RIDE OR DIE.

So here are the picks. My confidence is high and like Jay Z once spoke "I... will... not... lose"


at Buffalo
Carolina at Miami
Cincinnati at Chicago (The kool-aid is good, baby!!!)
Cleveland at Indianapolis
Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets
New Orleans at Minnesota (If they lose, I will not pick them agian)
Oakland at Philadelphia
Tampa Bay at Green Bay
Tennessee at St. Louis
Arizona at Seattle
at San Francisco
New England at Pittsburgh
N.Y. Giants at San Diego (lose 3 in a row... I don't think so)
Kansas City at Denver


8 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 3 (Redux)

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    Ok here we go. Since I am up I am going to take some risk.

    Atlanta at Buffalo - Buffalo
    Carolina at Miami - Carolina
    Cincinnati at Chicago - Cinci
    Cleveland at Indianapolis - Indy
    Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets - Jacksonville
    New Orleans at Minnesota - Minnesota
    Oakland at Philadelphia - Phili
    Tampa Bay at Green Bay - Tampa
    Tennessee at St. Louis - Tennessee
    Arizona at Seattle - Seattle
    Dallas at San Francisco - Dallas
    New England at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
    N.Y. Giants at San Diego - San Diego
    Kansas City at Denver - Kansas City
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    Oops...I meant to pick Atlanta over Buffalo.
  3. Zeezy4Sheezy Says:
    Cincy is gonna kill Chicago I know thats your hometown team but lets be real
  4. James Manning Says:
    >>Cincy is gonna kill Chicago I know thats your hometown team but lets be real

    It's the kool-aid, dawg. I wanted to pick cincy, but the double scoop of sugar got to me.
  5. Dell Gines Says:
    Uh Oh...so far I am 6-2 half way through Sunday...hot hot hot...8
  6. James Manning Says:
    this is much better 10-3 going into tonight. Had I not drank the Chicago kool-aid I would have done better.

    The Bears looked so bad yesterday. I think they were trying too much with the QB and forgot about the run game. It looks like Cincy might go to the playoffs.
  7. Dell Gines Says:

    10-4 snap...

    The two teams who let me down were Pittsburgh & Tennessee

    I am still hot as fire though!
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