The Spoken Word: L.O.S.T.

Locating One Soul’s Testimony (L.O.S.T.)

Seeking truth in the midst of lies,
realizing that the search
is for souls of the lost and the hurt,
hurting minds doing suicidal actions
with doubt, pain and with white lines
committing spiritual crimes.
They say the divine can’t find a soul on the street.
But even in the back of the Ghetto God found a way to reach,
me in my moments of loneliness.
with broken promises, and life stress I confess.
That I don’t know myself as well as I say,
so I pray for understanding and on my knees I just wait.
for those words from God telling me which road to take.
and enlightenment, show which is mistake or just fate.
is there a place on earth for a brother taste...
the good life that riches bring, by faith or by dream.
I see my myself prosper as the bible says I should,
but it’s hard seeing paradise from the back of the hood.
love don’t know colors, but I’m hated by others
so seek refuge and comfort in the presence brotha’s
but their claimin’ sets in the middle of these projects
experimental divide by governments and intellects.
now I gotta check inside with my spirit and soul
‘cuz it’s the road less taken where my story unfolds
bruised by the dilemma of feeding my soul or my flesh
thinking I can still find God with little time I have left.
living for today and my sin I’m defending
but if my soul has a story let the book of life be its ending.
if my soul has a story let the book of life be my ending.
Lord, let me be in the Book of Life.

They say I’m a child of God, but I’m nurtured by the streets
with no wisdom to draw from besides how to seek.
survival in the madness but there is much more to life
so I read words from the prophets to bring in some light to my life
arming myself for a fight but I’d rather have hope
That my Father will carry my burdens
cuz they’re killing me for certain.
but knowledge gives me understanding that it’s not all about me
there some left behind that don’t how it feels to be free.
so as I seek my soul, my life is given a purpose.
that if I’m to be with the Savior, then I am to live as a servant.
but lukewarm is my approach, still seeking worldly possessions
that the world can provide me. and yet I’m confessing.
that none of these things bring me joy or come close completes me
momentary satisfaction, and feeling lasts briefly.
so I’ve decided to give to the streets what’s been give to me
and let God forgive me for my sins and finally believe
that, there is no need to cry or be filled with any pride
and my gift is poems, so with poems I will testify
bringing my life lesson through the hope of these words
hoping someone sees clearly where my vision was blurred.
stirred by my conscience to reach back and just lift,
up young brothers, let ‘em see that the road has been lit.
no longer less traveled and it was with the help of the divine
that my soul is a light, and the light I leave behind.
no more cryin’ for my ills, cuz still blessed without
and now I know why Saints stand and shout.
I’m a blessed man even without. now I know why Saints stand and shout.


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