A Look Not Working For the Black Man

I know Kanye West is sporting the prep look and Cam'ron is wearing hot pink - I don't understand the hot pink, but I've gotten over it. But the 'going to the yatch club with Biff and Skippy Carrington' look does not work for the black man. It especially doesn't work when you sport an s-curl with it. I don't think Nick Cannon is gay, but he might want to stop reading Usher's instruction guide on, "How not to look like a manly-man and still be a man." Bright colored sweater tied around the neck - NOT!!!

Speaking of not looking like a man. I jacked my mustache up over the weekend and had to shave it. This has never happened to me and I’m not happy about it. Most of my co-workers say its cool but I know they are lying to me to spare my feelings. I know I look I’m getting ready to sell bean pies and Mary Kay cosmetics. I’ve never seen a gay member of the Nation of Islam. But I’m sure I’m as close to that look as you can get. I may overcompensate for this mistake because I'm think of going Ricky Williams on 'em. Ya'll pray for me.


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