The Bush Debacle Continues

At some point in time the neo-cons will wake up are realize that they are in charge of a mess create with their own hands. To some extent, this is happening. An article in the Washington Post noted that the administration is lower expectations on Iraq.

Washington now does not expect to fully defeat the insurgency before departing, but instead to diminish it, officials and analysts said. There is also growing talk of turning over security responsibilities to the Iraqi forces even if they are not fully up to original U.S. expectations, in part because they have local legitimacy that U.S. troops often do not.

"We've said we won't leave a day before it's necessary. But necessary is the key word -- necessary for them or for us? When we finally depart, it will probably be for us," a U.S. official said.

Pressed by the cost of fighting an escalating insurgency, U.S. expectations for rebuilding Iraq -- and its $20 billion investment -- have fallen the farthest, current and former officials say.

The neo-cons went into Iraq with the idea that they could cause a domino effect in the Middle East. Whereby a democratic Iraq would lead to other democracies emerging. It didn't work and it cost almost $300 billion and an untold number of lives to find that out.

But the buffoonery of Bush and his neo-con team doesn't stop there. Iran is not allowing Bush and his team to dictate to them about their nuclear program. The irony is that we have 135,000 soldiers in a neighboring country but have no means to use them to deter Iran from its ambitions. Though may say we are keeping all options on the table, there really is no military option for Iran. Our European allies will not agree to it and Russia and China are sure to balk at any talk of sanctions.

Sadly, there is a segment of the American population that doesn't care to here these facts. We have the strongest military in the world and that alone is enough to ensure that we get we want. But as Pat Buchanan has written, Iran would be no cakewalk. And that is especially for a president that missteps on almost every occasion.


5 Responses to The Bush Debacle Continues

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  3. Jason Peery Says:
    It's all sour grapes -- President Bush is a two-term president, and you guys couldn't beat him. All you can do is try to beat him down, by undermining him at every turn -- in the process, you undermine the country. But you don't care -- you'd rather have 50,000 soldiers die, as long as you could say that Bush was wrong. How pathetic!
  4. Cynthia Says:
    I wonder why it is so hard for some people to face facts.
  5. James Manning Says:
    I feel you. They can sour grapes all they want but you noticed that he said nothing about the facts I presented. That's how they do it.