PBU: Evil-Doers: How Far Will They Go

The question for the Progressive Bloggers Union is: Evil Doers, How far Will They Go? Sadly, with whatever means they have they can go as far as they want. The gross miscalculation of the cost of the war in Iraq in terms of dollars and lives is inexcusable. Our first responders are still inadequately funded. We still have not spent the money to secure our ports or nuclear facilities. How far does a terrorist have to go when they are fueled by internal hatred and assisted by incompetence?

One of President Bush’s greatest moment was when he stood amidst the ruble of World Trade Centers and proclaimed that the people who brought the buildings down would ‘here from us soon’. It was a great rallying cry and almost every American was behind him on eradicating the ‘evil doers’. Not soon after that statement, the hunt for Osama Bin Laden was on in the mountains of Afghanistan and the Taliban was swept away. Bush and his team were off to a good start. The world was behind America and the Bush team was getting help from countless countries in their quest to dismantle the Al Qaeda network.

That was over four years ago. Since then, the Bush Administration has made every bad move possible ensuring that we will be fighting against extremist for generations. Not only have they squandered the assistance of foreign countries, they have also lost the confidence of most Americans and no longer believe the Bush has America on the right path to ensure our security from terrorist.

The recent London bombings show that small terrorist cells are effective in planning and implementing attacks. While most American agencies prepare for an attack with a dirty bomb, chemical weapons or a nuclear weapon, the terrorist cells are using cleaning products and cell phones. Though it is not inconceivable to think that Al Qaeda would like to get their hands on a nuclear weapon, we must remember that terrorism is an evolving tactic. Though prudent to attach the fear of Iran’s nuclear program to Al Qaeda, it is sickening to think that the Bush Administration has taken few steps to upgrade the security of our mass transit system or protect our borders from illegal immigrants.

I’m not prepared to say that Armageddon is at our doorsteps. However, the Bush administration has already lost the war in Iraq. By all accounts, they are lowering their expectations for determining success there. Osama Bin Laden’s lieutenants are still making threats from the mountains of Pakistan. The terrorist network, though splintered, is still intact. Iran has stated it will no longer halt its nuclear operations and the talks with North Korea are not going anywhere. Two thirds of the Axis of Evil are doing as they please with America having only the option of “talking tough’. The other one-third of the Axis is costing us $5 billion a month and American lives while assisting in become a training ground for future terrorist and a rallying cry for sympathizer.

So, how far will the Evil-Doers go? As long as America is forced to use Bush’s tactic for fighting terrorist, they don’t have to go any further than his missteps. And that should be enough to scare the dickens out of us all.


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