Maybe the Lies Are Getting To Him

My what five years, 1800 dead soldiers, a failed war in Iraq and feeding the American people lies day in a day out can do to a person.

President Bush 2000

President Bush 2005


6 Responses to Maybe the Lies Are Getting To Him

  1. MEP Says:
    I think it's something that every president has to go through, don't you? Remember how haggard Clinton looked after 5-6 years of being President? Lol.
  2. James Says:
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  3. James Says:
    Being President ages anyone, but I'm glad you pointed out President Bush's leader of the free world makeover. The world rarely views Mr. Bush as having any reaction to the immense tasks of the Presidency, given his cavalier vacation schedule and inability to discuss the problem of the nation with anyone who may disagree with him.

    At least we know some part of him is paying attention.

    Also, great blog! Keep up the good work.
  4. Cynthia Says:
    That's a big difference. I don't think it is the pressure of his job, it must be do to natural aging of white males... hmm!!!
  5. mytruth Says: reader
  6. Midlife Crisis Says:
    The motherfucker looks like he done had a stroke.

    You know something? Maybe he HAS!! Maybe he is simply a shell of his former (snicker) self--a wooden puppet with some corporate mogul's hand up his ass repeating the same bullshit nonsensical rhetoric over and over again!!!!