Happy Anniversary… My Dear

What a difference a year makes. As of today, Jaimie and I have been together for 365 days. Not often does someone come along and completely turn your world upside down, but that is what she did for me. I went from a Chicago bachelor, sitting around watching football all weekend while eating three-day-old pizza, to residing in Southern California and learning that guacamole is made from avocados. Don’t trip on me… you can’t get guacamole at Coleman’s Rib (Cicero Ave. & Ohio).

Not only that, but I have beautiful soon-to-be stepdaughter that I am certain will end up with a scholarship to USC or Michigan University one day. Those are the schools with excellent football programs (I’m looking for discount tickets to the games). I know that may seem selfish of me but my heart is in the right place. Though she is not of my making, I know I hold a great responsibility in making her into a productive woman. I accept the challenge with pleasure.

It has been an amazing transformation from Jurassic bachelor to family man. Relationships are a lot of work and Jaimie and I have had our good and bad times. But what has made it work because we are the best of friends. We talk, we laugh and we enjoy one another. I know I annoy the hell out of her at times and she’s taken some swipes at me that have gotten under my skin… we haven’t come to blows yet… and that’s a good things.

So today’s post is dedicated to my doll. The woman that is responsible for so many changes in my life and has accepted me along with my many flaws. I love ya, Doll… Today is our day… and I’m not even expecting you to have my dinner when I get home.

Our Song: Closer Goapele

Closer to my dreamsGetting over, I’m gettin’ higherCloser to my dreamsI’m getting higher and higher
Feel it in my sleepSome times it feels like I’ll never go pass againSome times it feels like I’m stuck forever and everWhen I’m going higher
Closer to my dreamsI’m goin’ higher and higherI ain’t gonna sleepSome times you just have to let it go (Let it go, letit go)Leaving all my fears to burn downPush them away so I can move on
Closer to my dreamsFeel it all over my beingClose your eyes and see what you believeI’m happy as long as we’re apartThen I’m moving on to my dreamsI’ll be moving higher (Moving higher)
Closer to my dreamsAnd higher and higher, higherFeel it in my being (I can feel it flow around me)I know that I could not go alone (No, no)
I’m moving higher (Higher), oh...I’m going higher and higher and higher (Higher andhigher)Closer to my dreams (Higher and higher, oh...oh...)I’m moving upward and onward and beyond all I can see(Stretching out my arms so I can breathe)
Feels so close it’s like strangeI can feel my dreams (Closer to my dreams)I’m moving closer to my dreamsI’m moving (Higher and higher) higher and higher(Higher and higher)Moving higher, ho...Some times it feels like you never gon’ change (Nevergon’ change)But you never choose to walk away

You Are My Poem

You are the beginning of my odes
and last phrase to my psalms.
You are the righteousness of my words,
and the reason I have a song.

You are synonyms and homonyms,
phrases laid over a light skinned canvas.
and question that I seek,
in you I find the answer.

You are the guidance to my hands,
while I write to reveal my soul.
You bring reason for a renaissance,
making you my art worth more than gold.

You are the poem that makes me the poet,
the rhyme in every verse.
You are the silence of my inner joy,
And the sound of spoken words.

You are poetry…
to me.


8 Responses to Happy Anniversary… My Dear

  1. Anonymous Says:
    That was the best thing anyone has ever done for me. I love you.

  2. Anonymous Says:
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  3. Anonymous Says:
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  4. Malia Says:
    congrats :)
  5. Dell Gines Says:
    Congratulations man! I had my ten year back in May. When you get there it will seem like it was just a day ago you got married!
  6. James Says:
    Congrats! I wish the two of you the best.
  7. Cynthia Says:
    This is so sweet. Nice going James.
  8. Midlife Crisis Says:
    Awww Shucks. How romantical.(smiles)

    The best to you two, for sure.