Alicia Keys & The NBA

Thought 1: Alicia Keys

I’ve seen a lot of artist in concert in my time. I’ve seen the legends like Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Prince and Anita Baker. I’ve experienced the overwhelmingly thunderous, Pyrotech-filled contraption that was the Mary J. Blidge and Bobby Brown concert. After witnessing so many concerts I came to the conclusion that today’s artists lacked the experience and musical depth to put on an exceptional concert.

This past weekend, Alicia Keyes destroyed that conclusion. Her concert at the Hollywood Bowl was one of the best I’ve ever experience. The concept was a throwback to the era when sisters dressed in dazzling dresses with feathery hats and brothers stepped out in a tightly pressed suit for an evening of music and dancing to Cab Calloway at The Cotton Club. I’ve always wanted to experience something from the Harlem Renaissance and I think Alicia Keys got me as close to that experience as I will ever get. Oh, and her singing was excellent by the way. I particularly enjoyed the performance of, “If I Were Your Woman”. I don’t know if longevity in the music industry is possible now. But Alicia is oneartist that I hope to see perform for some years to come.

Speaking of longevity. The Isley Brothers opened for Alicia Keys. That seems funny, but it was a bonus for me. I had no idea who would opened, but when I say Ron walk out in that green jacket and Ernie brandish his guitar, I knew it was going to be a good night. There is no point in going into details here. Ya’ll know the Isley Brothers.

Finally, Mike Epps was a pretty good host. I’ve never seen a standup performance from him, but the cat is pretty funny.

Thought 2: It's Down to the Wire

We are down to the wire in the NBA and things have shaken out as most expected. My heart is with Detroit and San Antonio to make it to the NBA Finals. Not that I dislike Miami or Phoenix. I’m finding it hard to root against San Antonio. It’s possible that I will go with San Antonio if Miami wins the east. Generally, my heart is with the team that comes from the Eastern Conference, but I like Tim Duncan and the Spurs so even if Detroit makes it to the Final, I won’t necessarily be rooting against the Spurs.

Detroit over Miami in seven games
San Antonio over Phoenix in six games

Detroit over San Antonio is seven

The great thing about the end of the basketball season is that it means that football is right around the corner.


3 Responses to Alicia Keys & The NBA

  1. Xochitl Says:
    Cool blog. Go Spurs Go!
  2. privatedancer Says:
    seeing Alicia was definitely one of the best expierences of my life-excellent show, as I knew it would be. as far as basketball...i don't know because i never watch it...
  3. Anonymous Says:
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