The Idiot that is Larry Elder

Sickening PALE (Punk Ass Larry Elder)

So I am not the only one that sees PALE as bottom-feeding leach that panders to the hidden racist elements in white society. Larry, a product of South Central Los Angeles, has made a career of disparaging Black people. Any concern of racial injustice or even racial insensitivity is countered with a, 'but black people do white people worse' spin. I've listened to Larry Elder's show several times and he never fails to defend an offender of the Black community. This is the conclusion that a writer, Eric L. Wattree, came to when he listened to the Larry Elder show for a week. You can read the article at:

I'm going through my notes of PALE's most recent shows and it is amazing. I will share them shortly. But for the time being, check out Eric Watteree's article.


Game one is in the books for the Eastern and Western Conference finals. So far it looks like my prediction will come to pass. Detroit may clear Miami out in six rather than seven games. But I'm not ready to count Miami out of this.


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    Larry Elder likes to sniff the chair seat after Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity leave the studio. It turns him on, the sick pig.