Stranger Danger Jindal

I have never witnessed a meteor burn as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Just this past week scientist saw a gamma blast that is 9000 times more powerful than a supernova. That must have been some site. For average folk like me, last night afforded us the greatest opportunity to witness a cosmic explosion up-close and personal as the rising star called Bobby Jindal 2012 flailed and came crashing to earth in spectacular form.

Given the thankless task of what many consider one of President Obama’s finest speeches, Gov. Jindal lurched into our homes like mad scientist ready to explain how he has created a machine that could destroy the world and would use it if we did not submit to his rule. He then rambled on about soup cans, store aisle and how American can do anything in a tone that generally used by strangers dangling candy to children when trying to lure them into the car.

Once Gov. Stranger Danger Jindal got into the “substance” of his speech (and I use that term as loosely as one possibly could) he must have thought he was talking to a nation full of 4-year-olds. The melodic, folksy, southern drawl with a hint of Pashto further highlighted the creepiness of the address and mercifully ended with me thinking that I just finished watching a perverted episode of Romper Room.

Between Caribou Barbie and Stranger Danger Jindal, the GOP is poised for a character filled primary. The only thing that will come from SDJ’s “response” (and I have to use that term looser than a French whore) is that people will sit down with their children today and use the footage as an example of creepy people to stay away from.


8 Responses to Stranger Danger Jindal

  1. dmarks Says:
    The links within your post are set to inreadable very dark green on very dark blue. But I can read your blog if I highlight the posts and paste them into notepad.
  2. James Manning Says:

    i changed my adbrite campaign to stop doing that to my text. that annoys me as well.
  3. Shaw Kenawe Says:
    LOL! James, you and I wrote the same thing about Jindal. My comment over a Patrick's blog almost echoes yours. I swear I didn't peek!

    And Pres. Obama was a smash hit last night! Gov. Jindal?

    Tired old uninspired rhetoric.
  4. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    Jindal made his point, but he did come off looking pretty bad.
  5. Teak Patio Says:
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  6. tree service portland Says:
    Interesting political view! But I think there is a slight bias here, though.
  7. Peter Says:
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  8. Peter Says:
    The text annoys me as well. But your posts are very cool. I believe that you are a very adventurous person. Darn, the airport fence here in Australia blocks the internet signal. Hope this comment hops in. Thanks for the post.