Monday Quick Thoughs

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl game was much better than I anticipated and I did find myself pulling for the underdog at times. However, I think the better team won and as a Steelers fan, I’m happy about it. It is funny how the past two weeks sports writers talked about the Arizona receivers and a Pittsburgh receiver gets the game MVP.

As much as I love the Bears, I must admit that the Steelers are the best ran pro football organization in the league. They are always competitive and never stray far from their core identity.

Michael Steele

I’m not surprised that Michael Steele was elected head of the RNC. The GOP needs to re-brand itself into a contemporary Party. I think he’s going to have a hard time expanding the Party considering that the core of the Republican Party doesn’t believe in its moderates. He’ll have to figure out how to make himself and not Rush Limbaugh the voice of the Party. That will not be easy.

Stimulus Bill

I think Obama may have dropped the ball on this. He let the House Democrats put forth a bill that included a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with stimulating job growth. Most members in the House (Republican and Democrat) are tone deaf when it comes to politics and its hard to expect much from them. There are some things that are good for the long-term that should be there but about $100 billion is crap.

Something needs to get done and hopefully the Senate will get things in order but I think politics is going to ruin the bill. I do respect Obama for reaching out to Republicans and he must continue to do so because it will be easy to fall into partisan politics. He should leave that up to the media and bloggers and remain open to all ideas.


2 Responses to Monday Quick Thoughs

  1. Patrick M Says:
    As you were quick, I will be quicker:

    Game was great. YAY STEELERS!!!

    Michael Steele's mission, if he wants to rebuild his party is to do what Obama has done: Reach into the past for what made the party successful (Reagan and the Contract with America come to mind).

    The Porkulus bill will be a mess unless some statesmen rise up out of the politicians and say NO. So it will be a mess. Unless we get lucky and gridlock ensues.
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