Another Quick Thought Monday

I've been off the blogs for a minute trying to get my business started, but there are some things that happened the past week that interest me.

First, the Grammy Awards was pretty good. I was impressed with the collaborative performances. TI and Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke, and the Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Brothers. It is the only award show that I would be interested in seeing live. And props to Jennifer Hudson. She is such a beautiful woman. Oh, and Cold Play is my favorite rock group.

Second thought. Why do they even bother with the Pro Bowl game? I watch for about 45 seconds then grew board of the entire ordeal and turned back to HGTV.

Well that's it. Back to the hustle.


1 Response to Another Quick Thought Monday

  1. Dave Miller Says:
    My thoughts on the Grammys are about like yours.

    I was thinking during the Jonas Bros/Stevie Wonder bit that there was probably quite a party going on in the White House as Jonas is a fav of the Obama kids and I am sure Stevie is a fav of the big kids, Michelle and Barack.

    Why don't they just kill the Pro Bowl? WHo cares anyway?

    Pick the players, give 'em their bonus, and fly them to Hawai'i for a vacation as a reward.

    That way they get their props, and no one can get hurt.