The Roundup

Tomorrow is the 2nd presidential debate and I suspect the economy will be high on the list. After a weekend of mudslinging – much of which I didn’t pay attention to as it is football season and my teams (Illinois, Penn State and Da Bears) all won.

Sarah Palin went dirty as to be expected. When you have no ideas, no vision, no means of communicating a policy, why not send her out to sling mud. But bringing up Williams Ayers is probably the dumbest move as most Americans have no idea who he is and pretty don’t care. However, Charles Keating is a more interesting connection and one that will hurt McCain if Obama chooses to push it. I for one would rather not hear about either of these men and have the campaigns discuss how they are going to lead this country in what is becoming an increasingly difficult situation.

The Bears should be 5-0 right now but we’ll take 3-2 with some weak teams on deck. A good sign considering the Cubs stunk up the joint and the White Sox aren’t doing much better. Not a good post-season for Chicago baseball.


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