Classic Worst Person In the World


4 Responses to Classic Worst Person In the World

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    Couldn't finish the vid because it's difficult giving the likes of Olbermann the time of day, but regarding your post, I think if Obama stayed on his REAL message of taxing everybody to create a socialist utopia, he knows he would not have a chance at the Presidency. Even the "Obama Light" version of his message is frightening to most people.
  2. Dave Miller Says:
    James, from what I can see, McCain will be focused on where, in regards to the economy, he can call Obama a liar, cheat, scoundrel, spawn of the devil II, etc.

    He knows if the discussion is purely on the economy, in other words, issues, his grandfather clock will be cleaned.
  3. James Manning Says:
    BF, it is the last part that is the best.

    dave, that is so true. it is sad to see what kind of campaign this guy is running but there is a lot of hatred out there and he and palin are tapping into it.
  4. Dave Miller Says:
    James, he was a little better than the first debate, but it was still Barack against "the angry white man."