The Electoral College Challenge

Ok, it is time to put you money where you mouth is. I have my prediction for election night and I am interested in seeing what you guys think. Most of the states are in the bag for either McCain or Obama so I want to concentrate on the swing states and the total number of electoral colleges.

Here is my prediction:

Pennsylvania – Obama
North Carolina – McCain
Virginia – Obama
Florida – McCain
Colorado – Obama
Ohio - McCain
Nevada – Obama

Total EV – Obama 291 McCain 247

Surprises for Obama:
I think Obama has a shot at Missouri, Indiana and Florida.

Surprises for McCain:
McCain may be able to pull off New Hampshire or Nevada.

This will be my last post before the election. Give me your predictions


9 Responses to The Electoral College Challenge

  1. Anonymous Says:
    IF McCain dumps Palin right now for Romney, or Guilliani, or even my favotite tv DA Fred Thompson, I guarantee his victory.... otherwise, Obama is our next president.
  2. Patrick M Says:
    I'm only going to predict it's going to be really close. However, being my father is always following politics, I asked the expert... my mom. She predicts a narrow win for Obama, but she's not very confident on that one. But as I asked her Saturday morning, something could nudge the dynamic just to the McCain side.

    Wow, that was an exceptionally political (uncommitted) answer.

    Anon: IF McCain dumps Palin right now....

    Ah, Palin Derangement Syndrome, alive and well.
  3. Shaw Kenawe Says:

    Your prediction mirrors mine. So I'm going with what you say.

    The amazing change is in Colorado. That state didn't change from red to purple to blue.

    It went from red right to blue.


    My hope is that the conservatives give Obama a chance to prove himself, should he indeed be the winner on Tuesday.

    I remember just after 9/11 that I was pleased to see how George Bush showed real leadership in his appearance at the cathedral where he gave that beautiful speech.

    I was truly with him that day and hoped for the best.

    Then came the nutty idea of invading Iraq, and, well...he lost my support at that point.

    But I was behind him in his pursuit of al qaeda. He abandoned me; I didn't abandon George Bush.

    Please visit my blog tomorrow for an inspiring video for the day before the election.

  4. Dave Miller Says:
    James, I have always believed that to win, a candidate must win 2 of 3 between Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    I am assuming the map will be almost equal to 2004 so to me, those states are key.

    Most of Obama's lead in the other states that matter is within the margin of error, and I have to believe those voters will go with McCain out of similarity.

    For you challenged folks, that means he is white, like them! is where I think we will end up.

    I think McCain has a real chance. If he wins, it'll be close.

    If Barack wins, it'll be huge and the GOP will say that no matter the size of his win, it is not a mandate. Even though when Bush won, they said he had a mandate.
  5. Roderick Says:
    shawn please don't tell me that you fell for the 9/11 okie doke?

    I never trusted Bush from the beginning because the Republicans were determined to get him in office by hook or crook.

    First the FL legislature stated that regardless of what the votes stated the FL electors were going to vote for Bush and then there was the Supreme Court debacle.

    All I could think was what the hell do these fools have planned that they will do anything to get Bush into office...eight long years later we know.
  6. Shaw Kenawe Says:
    roderick, I was, like you, appalled at what happened in Florida and how the Supreme Court interferred in the state of Florida.

    But after 9/11 (when a very close friend lost a son in the twin towers) I realized Bush was the only president we had, and that I had to at the very least give him a chance to show what sort of a leader he would be.

    I lost faith in him as soon as he started in on conflating 9/11 with Iraq, and I never got it back.
  7. James Manning Says:

    It's not over until every vote is counted but I think Obama is in the drivers seat. What we now is for everyone that supports Obama to go to the polls and vote. I voted already. I believe the excitement is such that people will vote and Obama will have this on lock.
  8. Dave Miller Says:
    I hope so James. I voted this morning and now am on my way to the Obama office for a three hour shift.

    We'll know tonight.

    Sorry about Orton. I hope Grossman comes through, but I do not think so.

  9. Shaw Kenawe Says:

    We did it!

    Blessings on us all.

    Happiest I've been in a long, long, long time.

    What a night.

    Forward now, into the future!