Little Known Heisman Facts

Troy Smith took home the Heisman this year. I’m not sure where how he will do in the NFL, but I thought it would be interesting to look back at the last few Heisman Trophy winners and runner ups and see what happened at the next level.

Here are some interesting facts that I found looking at the Heisman Trophy website. I’m only going as far back as 1980 with my selections.

The Best Football Player to Win the Heisman since 1980
1988 – Barry Sanders

The (3) Best Running Back
1988 – Barry Sanders
1981 – Marcus Allen
1985 – Bo Jackson

The (3) Worst Running Backs
1999 – Ron Dayne
1994 – Rashaan Salaam
1983 – Mike Rozier

Only (2) Wide Receivers have won
1987 – Tim Brown
1991 – Desmond Howard

Best WR not to have won
1984 – Jerry Rice

The Best QB that won
2002 – Carson Palmer

Best QB’s not to have won
1982 – John Elway (2nd in voting)
1981 – Dan Marino (4th in voting)

The Worst QB that won
2003 – Jason White

Most QB’s Played in Super Bowl Game
1983 – Steve Young (2nd in voting) / Super Bowl XXIX
1983 – Jeff Hostler (7th in voting) / Super Bowl XXV
1983 – Boomer Esiason (10th in voting) / Super Bowl XXIII


4 Responses to Little Known Heisman Facts

  1. Dave Miller Says:
    James, I am not sure how Danny Wuerffel does not make the worst QB list. That I will just call an oversight. But to not slam Gino Torretta for the 1992 award is huge. He wasn't even the best player on that Miami team...that honor going to Warren Sapp.
  2. Rell Says:
    how's married life?

    Orlando Pace still should've won that year and Peyton was jobbed by Charles Woodson.
  3. Peter Says:
    I always wondered why Vince Young didn't win it.
  4. Anonymous Says:
    I want the names of those invited to NY for the 1991 D Howard won. I don't think Favre was invited, was he?