North Korea - Another Failure By Bush

I find the situation with North Korea very interesting. What we are seeing is the trifecta of political irony. On January 29, 2002, President Bush presented us the “Axis of Evil” at his State of the Union Address. In that address, Bush stated:

North Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction, while starving its citizens…

Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the Irainian people's hope for freedom.

Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward America and to support terror. The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade…

States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. Source

Everything stated here is true but like most things in life, what one is able to speak can be quite different than what one is able to do. And the Bush administration has shown time and time again that their words and actions rarely align.

By implementing a preemptive war doctrine to deal with Iraq, the administration set the stage for failure with Iran and North Korea. Saddam Hussein was a threat to his neighbors and killed his own people, was in violation of UN resolutions, and was seeking weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons. These were used for the justification of war.

Now we have North Korea, a member of the “Axis of Evil”, testing a nuclear weapon, still starving his own people, and a definite threat in the region. We have Iran pursuing nuclear technology and more than likely trying to develop and nuclear weapon.

The response by the Bush administration is going to the UN. Something they thumbed their nose at when it came to Iraq. There was a diplomatic choice to responding to Iraq but the administration chose not to do it. For anyone to say that is not the case then they only need to look at North Korea. Kim Jung Il is a much greater threat than Saddam could ever have dreamed.

North Korea’s test of a nuclear weapon should shake conservatives back to reality that the world is not black and white and narrowing everything down to simple slogans does not make for a good foreign policy. The “Right” has thumbed their noses at nuances and because of it, the world has gotten more dangerous – despite their spin to the contrary.

I suspect they will blame it all on Clinton or liberals but the fact remains that for the past six years, the “Right” has controlled both houses of Congress and the White House. This is their puppy and at best the Democrats are observers to it all.

President Bush will leave the White House with 100,000 of our troops in Iraq trying to prevent the country from falling into more chaos, North Korea with known nuclear weapons, Iran pursing nuclear technology, the Taliban with political influence in Afghanistan, our government in deficit spending, Medicare unresolved, our economic policy funded by China – and some people will call it a successful presidency.

North Korea’s test is more evidence of our failed foreign policy.


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  1. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
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  2. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    The North Koreans feel strong because they have China next door to deter any violence against the North Korean government. This is true imagine if China was not next to north Korea do you think North Korea would be talking so tough of course not. Remember Kim Sung who was the leader of North Korea and was the Father of Kim Jong il (the current leader of North Korea). When Kim Sung wanted to go to war with South Korea but he was afraid to attack South Korea by himself because America was on the side of the South Koreans and he knew that if war broke out America would send troops to the South Korean border and help South Korea fight North Korea. So Kim Sung asked Moa zedong the leader of China to give him permission to attack South Korea, Kim Sung needed china’s large army in case America got involved. By moa saying yes go ahead and attack moa would be obligated to help North Korea by sending in Chinese troops. At first Moa said no Kim Sung don’t attack South Korea. So Kim Sung went contacted the Russia government and asked for permission to attack South Korea the Russia gave excuses for why they did not want him to attack South Korea. Kim Sung went back and forth asking Moa and the Russians for permission to attack South Korea. Finally Moa of China and Russia gave there agreement and then Kim Sung attack South Korea it was a violent war Kim Sung knew now that if America got involved China and Russia would back him up. And America got involved and helped the South Korea’s then Moa zedong sent civilian troops into North Korea to help the North Koreans the Americans and South Korean troops entered the capital of North Korea Pyongyang the Chinese civilian soldiers helped push America and South Koreans troops back across the border. Russia secretively donated weapons to the North Koreans and also Russia flew some fighter jet missions that attacked South Korea troops. The North Koreans and South Koreans lost many troops but North Korea lost more but neither country gain any thing in the end borders remained the same. The same thing is happening here again North Korea talking crazy and testing nuclear weapons. Why because China is backing them up secretively and it is going to happen all over again North Korea will attack and fight South Korea. America will get involved China will then have the excuse that it has been looking for to attack America and Japan (china wants revenge on Japan because Japan invaded China long ago) or maybe North Korea and Japan will fight first but the sad reality is that there is going to be war and eventually it will become nuclear. The Taiwan situation could set off a war also. Remember in revelation the sixth chapter the pale horse (yellow horse) is China and death and hell this horse will bring with it and the world will fear it. Let the Thunder growl and let the floods flow it is going to get ugly and America will know soon what it is like to be hit by nuclear missiles. People who keep thinking that America is this invincible country that can not be beat are not paying attention to reality. American nuclear power is no longer cable of deterring of nuclear armed countries. Because they have the bomb too just like when the Russians developed the atomic bomb that when they really started acting aggressively.

    We shall see were this is going to go but I already know where the situation is moving towards (world war three).

    By Chance
  3. James Manning Says:

    I read you discussion on Dell's post. That is an interesting theory and I know everyone has some "end of times" theory as it pertains to Israel and China - but I'm just not familiar enough with it.

    I think China has some influence on NK and I do believe that in some way, China is smiling at the pie in the face of America. I also believe that China's war on America is an economic one. They are developing human capitol while exploiting America's capitalist desire for profits by providing cheap labor.

    But I do believe that China wants to limit NK at some point because there is nothing worse than having nut case with nuclear weapons. We have Bush but at least he has to leave in 2 years.
  4. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:

    IN THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS THE 6TH CHAPTER the pale horse (yellow horse) and this horse will bring death, destruction and fear to the world the chinese army is terribly powerful and they are allies with the North Koreans. The war between America and China is going to happen the Chinese are going to win.

    We will watch and see.
  5. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To Jay M.

    Thanks for reading my post on Dell's blog and I agree that economics is the first method the chinese are using to destroy America then the war with America will ensue. Needs to help north Korea more economically because the Guy who is the leader Kin Jong-il is a nut case at least he feels hip I mean look at his shades glasses and his faded hair style at least we know he is into fashion. ASlso Momar Gadaffi is a good dresser also got to give it to Momar on that. If China can get Kim Jong to cool out and calm down China will be able to milk America economically more by offering cheap labor to exploit America's capitalist system. If North Korea's leader Kim Jong interfere's with that then China will be forced to really take personal measure against Kim Jong like no longer sending money and food to North Korea or using other methods to make Kim Jong behave.

    Good post Jay

    By Chance
  6. James Manning Says:

    You can be sure that China will pull in Kim Jung Il now. They won't go for sanctions because China provides NK with oil and food and that last thing you want is for NK to fall apart.

    Watch what Japan does. That is the key. Bush is a lame duck in this and all he has is the UN - which he despises.
  7. Dave Miller Says:
    Interesting post James, and correct. Bush has indeed hit the trifecta, managing to mess up all three situations up to this point. There are a couple of interesting side notes to bring up.

    Here is the first. The administration argument on Iraq's support of terrorism has rested on the premise that Saddam was sending $35,000.00 payments to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. If that was their rationale, and they have been reduced to it now as their own Republican controlled Senate has said there was no relationship between Saddam and Al Qeada, then how do they explain no response to Saudi Arabia, home to a majority of terrorists, and longtime financial supporters of the Taliban?

    Here is the second. Last week Senate Majority leader Bill Frist has been quoted as saying that we cannot win the war in Afghanistan and that we should begin negotiations with their leaders. He also reportedly says that Karzai should accept the Taliban as part of his government. Is this now official Republican policy? For our conservative friends, here is the link to the quote, and the Bill Frist update.

    If so we have just fought a war to eliminate a group of people, who we believe are terrorists, so we could put them in charge of a government.

    Just more pure brillance from an unbelievably smart foreign policy team!
  8. Diane S. Says:
    Your final paragraph was classic irony and should be printed in all history books in the future.

    Alas, you won't be writing those books.
  9. Rell Says:

    N. Korea doesn't mean ish to me. They aren't a legitimate threat (in my opinion) and aren't nearly as close to Iran in terms of military power, troop numbers and weapons development.

    Iran is the scary monster in the closet to me, not North Korea.
  10. bold as love Says:
    Pale horses, Bush's failed diplomacy, shit- let's here some alternatives to what should have been done instead of just accusations- So, just how should we have handled N. Korea, Iraq, Afganistan, ect.. and please do not give me this everybody can get along shit- it ain't gonna happen.
  11. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    TO Jay

    Chance: Jay you are right Chian is going to have to pull KIM JONG-Il themselves if America or some other country don't assasinate him first. But if Kim Jong keeps messing up things China will have to do something with him maybe even end up assasinating him and taking over North Korea themselves. But they are goin to have to do something with him becaue he is messing up things but at the same time China is supporting him behind close doors but Kim is doing some things on his own too that and not in harmony with what China wants him to do.

    By Chance
  12. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To RELL

    Chance: Rell, Iran is a potential nuclear threat but North Korea already has nuclear weapons and North Korea's army is stronger than Irans army, also North Korea has more troops than Iran. Iran and Iraq had a war from 1980 bto 1988 and it was a draw nither side won. Irans army could not defeat Iraq's army during that war because both armies were mediocre. North Korea would have smashed Saddam hussein and the Iraqi army. If North Korea was so insignificant then why is the world more focused on them and why isd the world shaking right now. Also China, North Korea, and the Muslim countries are possibly going to be allies in a war against America and its allies.

    By Chance

    By Chance
  13. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To Bold as love,

    Chance: At this level of conflict the only solutions are war and the winners will take all I hate to say it but it is true. These countries with nuclear weapons and some of these countries are gaining economically also will no longer sit back and let America rule as the only super power and economic power. America will have to fught with weapons to make sure that it remains in the game of being a super power sad but true every great country get's tested now it is America's turn war is the only solutions that will be carried out.

    BY Chance
  14. Dave Miller Says:

    If I were king, which I'm not, I would have attacked Afghanistan and stayed there until the job was done. Their gov't, the Taliban, was harboring the people who attacked us. i would not have used proxies in the war, I would not have paid warlords to do my bidding. I would have sent enough troops to secure the borders and I would have occupied the country until Karzai's gov't was established, safe, and secure. And we would have gotten Bin Laden because we were leading the charge. Perhaps then we would not have the Taliban coming back into power.

    In Iraq, I would not have attacked, I would have stepped up containment. Isn't it ironic that a practice of containment worked against the USSR, but for some reason would've been a failure against Iraq? At least that is what our actions said.

    In Korea, I would negotiate directly, get agreements and then get agreements that spell out, in clear terms, consequences.

    The Korea issue is the hardest but perhaps if we were not in Bush's Folly in Iraq, they might have been a little more focused in this direction. We cannot dismiss the fact that while we were attacking Iraq for supposed nuclear weapons, Korea already had them and were/are far mor dangerous than Iraq ever was to us.
  15. James Manning Says:

    I'm with Dan on Afghanistan and Iraq. The inspectors were in Iraq and if you recall, Iraq produced a mountain of material on their weapons program and the Bush administration didn't even take time to read it.

    I would have never gone into Iraq.

    With Iran, I would worry about their nuclear activity but I would also made it where there was monitoring taking place. If you recall, the Bush admin has already proposed something like this. It was Bush's rhetoric that escalated things to this point. I doubt Iran would have elected Ahmadinejad had Iran not been one of the Axis of Evil.

    NK, I was reading something about the "Agreed Framework" that NK worked out with the US. It fell apart when Republicans took over. Since that point, we've decided that it was better to not deal with NK and ignored them - and now we have this. I would have pushed harder for the AF where we could have been in position to monitor NK's nuke activity. As it stands now, we are blind.
  16. Blah Blah Blame Says:
    @ bold as love:

    I’ll spot you that most Bush critics do not have any alternatives, or even know what the hell they are talking about, if you can tell me how Bob Dole would have stopped 9/11, or even curbed terror one iota.

    Bushites love to blame President Clinton (and "The Liberals") for everything under the sun, but they won’t even DARE to suggest that Bob Dole and a Republican congress would have done ONE SINGLE THING BETTER THAN CLINTON in terms of foreign policy, when it came to combating international fanatical extremism.

    I suppose all those Republican committees in the House and Senate in charge of overseeing intelligence, the budget and foreign policy were just innocent little lambs duped by the stupid and evil Liberals.

    Yeah, that must be it.
  17. bold as love Says:
    Blah Blah Blame,
    Bob Dole would have been a disater as President- Clinton was bad enough, but I do believe Dole would have been worse. That was the first and only presidential election I did not vote in, i figured if that's the best the republicans had- screw them.
  18. Rell Says:
    Also, James I don't think this is really a failure of Bush to be honest.

    I think his stance (whether it was on accident or on purpose is yet to be determined) has helped the US tremendously.

    Now Japan and China (the two countries who help out KJI the most) are angry and are at the point where they just might "take them out" for us.

    Ya know? We are applying a lot of political pressure, but it sure does help that N. Korea has pushed themselves to the point where China and Japan are mad at them.


    Thanks for the history lesson and I knew and understand all of that. 1) I don't believe N. Korea has the capability to hit us, I know the reports but I still don't believe it.

    2) N. Korea doesn't have a reason to fight really, they're just being annoying. In the minds of many iranians, we are the enemy from birth -- that is why they are MUCH scarier to me.

    Also, I don't think the world is "shaking" right now. I think that anytime someone claims to have performed a nuclear test people are going to be alarmed.

    But "alarmed" does not = "shaking" in my book.