Football Friday

Week 6 of the football season and my Bears are KILLIN’. I didn’t present my picks from last week but just know that I picked 12 out of 14 games, losing only four points on the week. But mad props to “Outside the Box” who picked 13 out of 14 games correct, losing only 3 points.

Get you picks in.

Here are the standings:

1 Outside the Box 429
2 The Master 423
3 Timmer the LieDowns Fan 412
4 Panthers Rule 388
5 Unstoppable Flow (Rell) 218
6 Big Cliff 165
7 indigo's winners 110


5 Responses to Football Friday

  1. Dave Miller Says:
    James, all I got to say about this is thank you, thank you, thank you! Somebody let the Bears go in my fantasy league to pick up the Ravens, and now that Bear defense is killin' for me!
  2. Bushwack Says:
    BTW- Ariz-17 Chi-0 WTF? I know it's only the second quarter but Chicago looks lethargic and over confident....

    Come on man wake em up!

    Arizona Defence the new powerhouse????? Damn....
  3. Bushwack Says:
    Damn what a game, Congratulations.

  4. James Manning Says:
    Oh damn - the Bears gave me the scare of a lifetime. The offense was garbage. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a half of football played so badly. But the defense and special teams came through and now we're 6-0.

    I do like the Cardinals and it looks like they are pointed in the right direction. They just have to start moving forward now. But tonight wasn't the night to do it.
  5. Roderick Says:
    James, congrats on your Bears' comeback.

    Where, O where is Mark so I can gloat over his 'Skins losing and my Cowboys blowing the Texans off the map?