Bad Week to Be Down With GOP

I haven’t gotten into the Sen. George Allen fiasco because it’s really not worth much time. However, couple him with what is happening to Rep. Mark Foley, and you have the makings of a perfect storm of bad news.

In case you missed it.

…earlier this year, Allen publicly singled out a dark-skinned young man at a campaign rally, calling him "macaca" and calling out, "Welcome to America." Somehow this became a matter of controversy…

As for "macaca," Allen later explained with obvious sincerity that it was simply a made-up word. Alas, this made-up word also happens to be a slur against dark-skinned people, one common among French Tunisians, and it also happens that Allen's mother is French Tunisian, and that Allen speaks French.

College classmates of Sen. Allen have revealed that he routinely referred to black people as niggers. Not that this would surprise me but it’s just another layer to add to the cake. The most interesting thing about this is that Sen. Allen seems to be ashamed of having some Jewish blood as others have noted here and here.

Something is wrong with George Allen in feeling that the only way to fit into what he believes is the White Conservative American” mold is to distance himself from his Jewish heritage and wrap himself in the Confederate flag. Now, the Confederate flag is another issue. Why does a kid from California embrace the Confederate flag?

But lets move on the Rep. Mark Foley. Mr. Foley retired this past week after it was revealed that he sent raunchy emails to a teenage boy. This is the same Rep. Mark Foley who was Chairman of the GOP leadership knew of his “drinking problem” for almost a year and did nothing. That’s right, the Party of “Family Values” stood by and let a pedophile roam free in their midst, and then have the nerve to deny it. It is laughable.

Politicians are so full of it. Personally, this isn’t going to affect me that much because I don’t have to vote for either of these two guys. Mr. Foley’s political life is over and he’ll just have to deal with his “drinking problem”. As for George Allen, he will be reelected but his presidential aspirations are down the toilet.

What I blogged about one year ago: Harriet Miers and Bill Bennet's Racial Comment


9 Responses to Bad Week to Be Down With GOP

  1. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    Mr. Allen is a sad case he is just like a lot of deafeated people who feel they have to appeal to white racist to fit in. The reality is that it is in general true the one who appeal to general white racism usually will be accepted, so it is a good thing that hispanics are growing in numbers so the demographic will change.

    Mr. Allen knew what that word maccaca meant and that's why he used it. He learned it from his french tunisian mother. I am glad that inter-reacial babies are being born in record numbers too, after looking at all of the racism and people so identified with with there race to the poin they want to hurt memebrs of other racila groups.

    I will say proudly that I am happy being mixed blooded, I really am.

    By Chance
  2. Rell Says:
    do you frequent the Daily Show or the daily show?
  3. Bushwack Says:
    James, Well I agree the GOP is in deep crap, I'm very glad I'm not a republican (Only) I do not vote down party lines, I am a conservative, I believe this country needs an infusion on both sides of the aisle. New leaders are needed because the ones we have now are the biggest bunch of idiots to ever walk the earth. ALL of them should be removed in Nov.

    As for Allen, He's a typical idiot full of old money and an outdated sense of being.

    The confederate flag thing you mentioned was unfair, because some folks that think like idiots fly the flag, the vast majority of folks see the flag as a connection to their southern heritage. Kind of like your Muslim analogy, you can't blanket all of us with the racist banner just because we fly the flag can you? or is that argument only good when it comes to certain things?
  4. Dave Miller Says:
    Bushwack, you have made one of the most important comments I have seen in a long time. "...this country needs an infusion [of new people] on both sides of the aisle."

    As I read across the blogosphere, people are either hating Bush, or defending Clinton. Or vice versa. The same goes for the majority of people that are making up their parties.

    Unfortunately the Dems need to realize that Clinton was not Thomas Jefferson, he lied, disgraced the Presidency, and did very little in response to a growing terrorist threat.

    The GOP needs to own up publicly to their past racist policies, Bush's inabilities in foreign policy, and a perception that they do not truly care about poor folks.

    We really do need some people who think differently, can work together to pass useful, effective legislation, and who are more interested in moving forward as a country as opposed to moving just their parties ahead.

    Unless and until this happens, we are gonna continue to have big problems.
  5. Rell Says:
    i meant "or the Colbert Report?"
  6. James Manning Says:

    George Allen is from California so I have to question his interest in the Confederate flag. As for the flag itself, it means different things to different people. I view it as a racist symbol but there are many that would disagree with me there. Personally, it doesn't rate high on my list of things worth fretting over. After all, it's just a flag.

    And I agree with you that we could use some new blog in our political system.
  7. Vent Your Spleen! Says:
    Man, it turns out they "proly" knew about Foley more than a decade ago, and all they did was "warn" the male House pages to "steer clear" of him. See the piece in today's washington post at

  8. Bullfrog Says:
    You said all that needs to be said when you made the statement, "Politicians are so full of it." It doesn't matter what a person says, it is what they DO that counts. The Bible says,

    Matt 7:20
    "Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."
    (from New International Version)

    Politicians are constantly saying one thing to tickle the ears of their constituents, then doing the opposite when the rubber meets the road. I feel for any earnest, well-intentioned individual who gets into politics to "change the world" only to find they are forced to play the same tired game if they want to keep their office.

    Anyone who is blindly loyal to a political party or politician is simply not a thinking person.

    ...and what Bushwack said.
  9. nikki Says:
    i have nothing to add other than to say that i feel sorry for foley if he was molested as a child. i wonder if he feels the same sympathy for a black male child being born in poverty and growing up to become a criminal.

    probably not. funny how there's a reason for everything so long as it has nothing to do with being poor or black. then it's innate behavior.