Sunday Football Update

Damn if my Bears are looking like they are ready for the Super Bowl. I know it is Green Bay, but Grossman is looking good and our running game is on point. The defense is doing what I expected the defense to do.

First on the list for the Rudd award is Kurt Warner. While on their own 6 yard line, he fumbles the damn ball and San Franscisco was able to pull within 3 points. Jerk.

What the hell happened to Carolina... Robert... you need to explain yourself son. They cost me major points.

I may have to take another look at Baltimore. The offense moved the ball well and the defense looks good.

Back to Arizona. They are going to scare a lot of teams this year. I'm happy for Dennis Green.

Finally, Kansas City should get rid of their franchise. They are a garbage team.

Ok, I'm going back to my Bears.


I'm watching Arizona work the clock and I start shouting at them, run the ball. If Arizona want to make it to the next level, they will have to learn to use James more effectively. On the drive that put the game away, they ran the ball as many times as they passed. They will have to do more of that.

I did like the way the 49ers offense worked and it compelled me to pick up Frank Gore as an alternative running back for my fantasy team.

***Denver, Denver, Denver... what can I say of thee? You sucked!!!

***Reggie Bush had a nice day. I'm happy for him. I'm not sold on the Saints. They always start the season off well then fall apart by week 6. I see no reason to think that this year will be any different. Holla at me around week 10 and I'll let you know if the Saints are better or just being what they've always been.

***The Jets surprised me. I still think they suck but now I realize that the Titans suck even more. If they don't improve then you can expect to see Vince Young starting by mid-season.


8 Responses to Sunday Football Update

  1. mark Says:
    Cool down Manning its only greenbay on opening day. Thank god dallas won, the Eagles and McNabb are looking rather good. Hopefully the giants will lose ( the colts are currently winning 23-) and my beloved skins win tomorow night. Yuck to the chicago bears.
  2. stuffle Says:
    I wouldn't get too high on the Bears yet. I'd wait until they have had a chance to play an actual Pro football team, then see how they look...

    (obviously, this cheesehead is not overly optimistic about the Pack this year...)
  3. James Manning Says:

    Sorry, the Kool-Aid is running and I'm drinking every ounce. My Bears to the Super Bowl.
  4. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    How about those dirty birds?
  5. Bushwack Says:
    DAMN!!!! Carolina never wins their first game. They better figure out this problem in a hurry.
    Congats to the Bears.

    Mark, Dallas lost.
  6. Roderick Says:
    mmmmmmmmmmm, I hate to break it to you Mark but your Skins lost. It's too bad the Cowboys lost too or I would be shoving it in your face.
  7. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    How dare you speak about my Jets that way. They are well-coached, well-prepared, have a QB that just returned from a major injury and won a game on the road despite their lousy field-goal kicker....give 'em their props. Out of all the teams that surprised me the most I'd say it'd be the Eagles, they really were impressive, dont look like they miss T.O. at all. As for your Bears, one game does not a season make.
  8. James Manning Says:

    Atlanta did look good.