R.I.P My Friend

To actually see death take place is a traumatic experience. It is an event that is seared in the mind and can never be wiped away. Last night I had such a traumatic experience and I want to take time to give my condolences to the dearly departed. Please share with me in this moment of bereavement as we say farewell to the career of Aaron Brooks.

The career of Aaron Brooks had shining moments. He carried the hopes and dreams of those that lived in the Bayou. He had a strong arm, athleticism and a heart of gold. The career of Aaron Brooks gave us joy but he also gave us pain.

He was bold and exciting in the beginning. Running, throwing and showing passion for the game every weekend. Later, he became confused, insecure and slow to adjustments. Eventually, he was diagnosed with chronic interception syndrome. That lead to a dramatic drop in his QB rating and soon he found himself on life support. The New Orleans fan base was patient as they waited for signs of life. Eventually, they came to realize that they could do no more for him. But just before they pulled the plug, the director of the Oakland Raider Hospice, known for resurrecting failed careers like Aaron's, bypassed the opportunity to raise a budding career in Matt Leiner and took the career of Aaron Brooks into his bosom.

Given some hope, the career of Aaron Brooks went under the knife in front of a national audience. With some of the best talent at his side, the career of Aaron Brooks showed some life but faded soon after. Doctors tried to save him but it was no use. He suffered sucking offensive line collapse wound and soon after, the career of Aaron Brooks was pronounced “over”.

So, we say good-bye to a young man that gave us hope, but also pissed us off to the highest of pisstivity. His memory will be with us as the Oakland Raiders Hospice that holds his remains will trot him on the field for memorial services every Sunday for the remainder of the season. After the season, the Hospice will cremate the career of Aaron Brooks and spread his ashes over Port-a-Potties that dress the back woods of Yosemite Park. It is a fitting end to a dismal career.

Good bye career of Aaron Brooks. You were good, but you were never able to handle a zone blitz.

The Career of Aaron Brooks
Draft Day 1999 - September 11, 2006


17 Responses to R.I.P My Friend

  1. Outside the Box Says:
    I just hope you didn't have him on your fantasy team.

    Who's on it, by the way?
  2. James Manning Says:
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  3. James Manning Says:
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  4. James Manning Says:
    For some reason my link won't post

    My team
  5. brotherbrown Says:
    Sadly, I have to agree.

    Shell shock is the term I use to describe his Monday Night game. This will be a rough year for us Raider fans.

    I don't know what people see in Lamont Jordan, and I would put huggy bear's boy (Justin Fargas) in the backfield.

    Sapp is done, and Jerry Porter is the new T.O.
  6. Bushwack Says:
    LMAO, Well Brooks didn't help his cause any but the Offensive line, Defense as a whole and everything in between sucked for the raiders.
    On a brighter note, I told you SD was under rated. they looked good. it remains to be seen if it was because the raiders were so bad.
  7. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    LOL--I thought someone had really died.
  8. Brotha Buck Says:
    LOL, I don't know who he is, but the eulogy/metaphor was great.
  9. Dave Miller Says:
    pissivity, i love it!
  10. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:

    Chance: Shell shock is definitely a term that can be used here. In boxing also some boxers become shocked early in their careers they do good become champion but only remain good for about 5 years and that is it. They are shell shocked and end up being journeymen. It is better to retire or get fired from the game than to remain past your prime and end up like Oriel Hershiser, Fernando Valenzuela, Joe LOUIS, and many other great athletes it is best to leave when you no longer have it.

  11. Dell Gines Says:
    He did look absolutely terrible and confused. Sometimes he held on to the ball for so long that I thought he fell asleep. What a dissapointing show. Bring back Jeff George!
  12. James Manning Says:
    Damn, I forgot about Jeff George.
  13. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    My husband says his fantasy football team is much better than yours ;-)!!!
  14. P Says:
    To see his demise is a painful, awkward thing to watch. I marveled at him (and other blossoming black quarterbacks when he emerged) at his strenght, and as you said, passion.

    But it seemed as the years progressed, he progressed in dog years and eventually, slid down the tube and is well on his way into QB Oblivion.
  15. mark Says:
    I have no faith in the redskins. We are going to lose to dallas. Damn. Damn. Damn.
  16. Naomi Says:
    You really had me going for a minute!
    I'm LMAO.
  17. Clifton Says:
    The four years I had Saints season tickets during the Aaron Brooks years was just like watching Bush as president. I can't believe he made it that long. Finally we have a city that understands.