This is for Mini-mom

Off the beaten path: I was watching Ella Enchanted tonight. I really love this song. I was looking for the ending the knights dance across the screen, but this is the second best part of the movie. Ok, watch the video and don't blame me. I know it's a long way from Barry White but this is just one of those things with having kids. Enjoy.


3 Responses to This is for Mini-mom

  1. Rose Says:
    It's a nice song...
  2. mark Says:
    Yo James loved the song. When I use to be gangsta way back I would ride through the hood with my 22" rims spinning, I used to have this song thumping on my stereo system, flashing gang signs representing oxon, maryland, everyone on the block knew not to Fu#k with Da kid. Of course I dont participate is such escapades in the 06, you may ask what changed me....honestly I think it was that shootout I had with the Amish down in southern maryland. It was all all a big misunderstanding over some cheese I purchased from them fortunately no one got hurt. I have since patched up my differences with the Amish, it is now all good I can go buy cheese anywhere in southern maryland where the amish dwell. Mark
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    The things kids will make you do :-).