Muppets as NWA

Have you ever thought what it would look like if the Muppets did "F** the Police" by NWA? Well, the wait is over.


8 Responses to Muppets as NWA

  1. BigNewsDay Says:
    Dude, that is funny as hell!
  2. mark Says:
    Yo James thanks for keepin it real. Peace. Mark
  3. Bushwack Says:
    Man I think I hurt myself spinning on the floor and pop lockin through the living room.
    What have you done to the muppets man?
    Had em boostin rims and jackin cars.
  4. Sinro Says:
    Needed work on the synching. but it was funny, no doubt.
  5. Diane S. Says:
    Who knew the muppets could rap?

    I love it James, but I wonder... what are your thoughts on the use of the "n" word in rap?
  6. James Manning Says:

    I think that is a topic for another post. I'll probably hit that topic up next week.
  7. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    I really like how Kermit can throw his voice right to the other Muppets and, without missing a beat, they pick it right up!

    Those Henson/Oz people -- what won't they think of next??!!?

    I knew Kermie was dawnwit dahoods.

    Diane & James: I would very much enjoy your thoughts on that topic, controversial as it is.

  8. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    LOL--I love the Muppets but never imagined hearing them sing THAT song. Ha!!!!!!