The Many Sides of Me

Sometimes I feel like being a nerd
And want to discuss all the things I’ve read

Then there are days after listening to Bush
That I simply wish I were dead

Some days I wake up and think
What would life be if I were rich

Then there are days when I’m just pissed at the world
And feel like cutting ah bitch

“You so craaaa-zeee” is what I hear some days
and I give people a good laugh.

But I’m still ah Chi-town kid
And I’ll get gangsta and whoop dat ass

I’m all of these things and then some
So just live and let me be.

Because God made me who I am.
And most days I’m just happy -
being me.

Topic of Discussion:
1. What are you happy about?
2. What do you like most about yourself?

A shot out to Little Miss Chatterbox for hooking me up with this site.


20 Responses to The Many Sides of Me

  1. James Manning Says:
    just testing the new look
  2. mark Says:
    Yo that's a good look. Mark`
  3. stuffle Says:
    I like the Chi-town gangsta one, myself...
  4. Outside the Box Says:
    Hey James, I gotta ask you something. Sorry, it doesn't have anything to do with this post, though it is a good one.

    I was over at Bushwack's blog. I check it out on a regular basis, but I never, ever commment there. I think you know why.

    What I'm curious about is his latest post and his use of the phrase "less than perfect" to compensate for slavery in America.

    It reminded me of a time at a restaurant I worked at when the only black waiter that worked there came in a little late. The manager asked what happened and he said he got pulled over. The manager then said, "It doesn't take that long to get pulled over."

    I cringed. Cause I knew what was coming.

    Anwar, the waiter, then went off on how that manager had no idea of what it was like to be black and to be pulled over on the Kansas side of KC. It was ugly.

    Anyways, I guess my question is if you would treat a person with that sort of flippant attitude towards America's 2nd greatest crime (the American Indians get the top spot in my book, but hey, we're NEAR PERFECT!) the same in person as you do here in the blogosphere?

    (You can answer me directly if you want.)
  5. Outside the Box Says:
    Forgive me, I feel I should stipulate that I don't think Bushwack is a bad person. I believe he has the best of intentions.

    However, he certainly seems at times to be inconsiderate (or maybe simply uncaring) of other people's feelings. (I just reread it. "...that slavery thing." Sheesh.)

    I would like to have brought this up with him directly, but I have no doubt that I would have labeled a "troll" or something to that effect. I learned my lesson over at Born Again Redneck's blog that reason is not highly valued, despite the rhetoric that they use to say otherwise.
  6. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Awesome post!! I love how you did this to show all your sides. I may have to do this too :-). My kids all had to make one so I'm considering doing a post to show the South Park version of my family. My daughter made one for my husband since we knew he probably wouldn't make one for himself :-).
  7. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    "South Park" is the greatest creation known to mankind since the remote control.
  8. Bushwack Says:
    Outside the box,
    Hey man you seem to have took that a little to literal, I was throwing a jab at James (Humorously) if it was took the wrong way by ANYBODY I am sorry,
    James knows my story and knows where I stand, I would never intentionally offend him or any of his readers.
    As far as you commenting at my site, you are welcome to comment on anything you would like as long as you do it in a similar manor of which you do here.
    James unleashes humor on a regular basis and some of his readers get offended too. I don't wish to offend anyone unintentionally, If I want to offend it will be on purpose, this was not one of those.
    James would have told me if he was offended but I have a feeling he laughed or at the very least snickered a bit.
  9. James Manning Says:

    That's an interesting question. I don't think Bushwack was doing that, but people do and I think it's a subject worth tackling.
  10. chele Says:
    What am I happy about? Small things make me happy. The fact that the temperature dropped a little. My kids are healthy and so am I.

    What do I like most about myself? That's a tough one. I REALLY like me. My ability to express myself probably ranks right up there. Alot of people can't.
  11. Cynthia Says:
    I think I'm more partial to the Chicago gangsta look too. Although he may think he is a gansta, he's looks like an adorable little kid...

    @Outside the box: I agree that slavery is the 2nd greatest crime that America committed against people on American soil. It shouldn't be taken lightly.
  12. Bushwack Says:
    Mrs cynthia,
    I also agree it was an atrocity, However long ago it was. I just think at some point and time we must go forward,
    I was not here, My lineage goes to Ireland and as far as I can tell, our family did not come over to American soil until well after the civil war. NO ONE in my family ever owned a slave. Hwever, memebers of my family were slaves of England.
    Slavery is a major blight on our country. however looking back it, might have also been one of the things that made this country great.
    We have made MAJOR mistakes, and learned from them and vowed NEVER to let it happen again anywhere. (If we can help it)
    So; no, I don't take it lightly but gee wiz have we no humor among the readers of this blog?
    James, Did this thing bother you? We have had the racial discussion, and if I crossed the lines we drew I apologize. (Don't think I did)
    But if I did you get a pass on the white boy rule (One)
  13. James Manning Says:
    Bush, I wasn't offended and I this discussion doesn't offend me.

    I think slavery in a very difficult issue and I will attemtp to discuss in my next blog. But I think
  14. mark Says:
    Yo Bushwack I dying read the article. I am an AA male who as a lover of history cannot not forget the crimes of America against black folk. Its not just slavery it is also the federally allowed terrorism that the south blatantly practiced against the black citizens. This country (the greatest country on the planet) has a history doing inhumane sh#t against black that no other group has had to suffer. The result of this mistreatment is some pathological issues that affect black folk uniquely. Ill give you one example, a large percentage of black people I know have a pathological, fear, mistrust and hatred of the police. This is a result of the historically criminal and disrespectul behavior of the police towards blacks. In past times white police officers were known to hand black people under thier protection right over to the lynch mob to be burned alive and sometime mutilated. Anyway the issues that black folk and even white folk have been saddled with have never been honestly adressed. To be honest the offense of america against black folk were worst than I than I thought, at some point and time thier needs to be an honest discussion about these things. Peace. Mark
  15. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To Jay

    1. I am glad that have have a sound mind and that my intellect has some knowledge in it.

    2. I am grateful for being born in America

    3. I am grateful for being mixed with various racial group.
    4. for the food that I have access to.

    5. I love knowledge and good intellectually stimulating conversation.

    6. I am grateful for family and friends

    7. I grateful for the internet too.

    8. I am grateful for just being me.

    By Chance, your resident chancellor
  16. Outside the Box Says:

    thank you for replying and in such an acceptable manner. That was something that I intended to compliment you on earlier.

    Please notice, though, that my actual question to James wasn't whether you had offended him, but if he would have been offended if someone had referred to slavery in that manner to him in person.

    I realize that you were joking with James. I'm also aware that you did not mean to offend anyone. Hence my use of the word “inconsiderate”. I did not say “rude”.

    My family has never owned a slave either. That doesn't excuse me from my country's history. Not that I'm responsible for it persoanlly, but I AM responsible for learning as much as I can about it. That's why I've bothered to read Black History for Beginners, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Known World, and Black Like Me, all after the age of thirty. That's why Invisible Man, Black Boy, and Monster are on my To Read list. And that's also why they are on my son's reading list, though at 20 months he doesn't know that yet.

    We have made MAJOR mistakes, and learned from them and vowed NEVER to let it happen again anywhere.”

    I have to ask when was this vow made? Who made this commitment? It sounds noble and I’m sure it makes you feel good, but I don't think it's for real. Slave labor is alive and strong in this world. And American citizens, as consumers, are at the heart of it. Have you ever stopped and looked at your possessions and wondered who had to suffer for you to buy them so cheap?

    Have I no humor? I believe I do. In fact, I sometimes go out of my way in an effort to offend people with my humor. Please don't think I’m some kind of PC person. Far from it. My humor, though, always has a point to it.

    I think that's what caught my attention. I wasn't personally offended, but to use slavery for something as trivial as a “jab” shows a lack of appreciation and respect for that part of our history. I don’t see how reasonable people can educate themselves on the history of slavery in America and not have more regard for it. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe it is possible.

    Thank you for your invitation to participate at your blog. I may take you up on it.

    And in case you don't stop by again, I have replied to your comment at my blog. Thank you for leaving one.
  17. Bushwack Says:
    Outside, I have to ask you how many slaves are left in America? we did learn and we have stepped in and freed them where and when found. Our military has been used more times for human rights violations of nations than any other country in the world. Your mind will not let you grasp the fact we have not been the "BEAST" of the world. we have had bad times and good times. we must remember the good times and learn from the bad. so we don't duplicate the wrong one.
    How can you expect America to solve all problems in the world when it is people with the same beliefs as you will not allow us to do anything until provoked. (Somalia,Kosovo,and several other times.)
  18. Outside the Box Says:

    You wrote,“and vowed NEVER to let it happen again anywhere.” (Emphasis mine)

    I am certain you are aware of how U.S. Corporations are guilty of sweatshops, forced labor camps, and exploiting cheap overseas labor. When I say "guilty”I mean morally, though legally sometimes too. It's all simply a new form of slavery. A legal one and one that is tucked away in another part of the world so the people who benefit from it (you and me) don't have to witness it. (And don't even get me going about minimum wage. I'd like to see one person who's against the raising of it spend two to three months on it.)

    Where's your outrage?

    Where's your underground railroad?

    What will you tell your God on the day of your judgment? (I sincerely want to know.)

    Your mind will not let you grasp the fact we have not been the "BEAST" of the world.”

    I really don't want to go back and forth with the tired “Oh yeah? Well your mind can't grasp…”

    What I believe, from evidence and logic presented to me, is that the U.S. govt has acted upon the behalf of corporate interest for the past 50 years or so. Of course I have numerous sources, but a few that I recommend are The History of Oil clip that you can find at my site, War is a Racket, a short booklet by Brigadier General Smedley Butler, a marine and a true American Hero if there ever was one, and Why We Fight, a recent documentary that just came out on DVD.

    How can you expect America to solve all problems in the world?

    I don't. It would be unreasonable to expect such a thing. What is fair and reasonable is to expect the govt that represents us to stop causing the problems that they do around the world. I'm not saying that they are responsible for every dastardly deed out there, but they certainly have their fair share.

    So, can your mind grasp that? ;>
  19. Bushwack Says:
    Outside, "What will you tell your God on the day of your judgment? (I sincerely want to know.)"
    I will tell the almighty that although I wasn't the best man on the planet I never killed anyone that didn't deserve killin, I helped others in unselfish manor to the best of my ability, I loved my neighbors as I love myself, I have not broke anymore than 5 or 6 of the 10 commandments. And at that point I imagine the trap door will open.

    I think you might have missed the point, I will not allow myself to fall into a "White Guilt" mentality. My culture, as vile as the past was is also responsable for many many good things. All of man kind is guilty of disgusting and vile crimes against humanity, there is no denial here bud, But I never Lynched anyone nor did I allow it in my presence. I have one question for you, where were you during the klan marches in Greensboro N.C.? I was there, I was the one rolling around in the courthouse yard with a skinhead supporter. Have you ever done anything to help mankind?
    I took 9 people to New Orleans after the hurricane to provide aid and help in the recovery effort. (Pictures available)
    All I'm trying to say is we can make a difference if we do something. So while we discuss things in the blogs we must also realize there is a world out there that needs our participation, not just our complaining.
  20. Outside the Box Says:

    I don't think I'm missing the point. I bring up specific points and then they get passed over more general, non-specific ones. It's frustrating, but it's also part of the blog world. In person, this would go very different. It's easier to control the “outs” that people use.

    I do agree with you about the “white guilt” mentality. If I have given you reason to believe otherwise during our correspondence, then allow me to clear that up now.

    Have you ever done anything to help mankind?

    If you had perused my blog by now, you would have learned at least two things: One is the actual definition of the word “peruse” and B, that my core belief is that nothing else matter in life except for how you effect other people.

    When it comes to helping others, you're not preaching to the choir, you're preaching to the preacher.

    I teach students of all ages, from pre-school to high school. Not only do I pass along knowledge to my students, but I also teach how to be better students and, more importantly, better people. I show the parents of my students how to be better parents with my other profession, childhood development.

    Have you ever done anything to help mankind?
    You're damn right I have.

    How have I ever helped mankind? By helping people to be better people.

    I'm not so sure that's the lesson the skinhead received from your altercation with him. I have to say I will use that as an example with some of my students of someone who thinks they are doing the right thing, but in fact they are making things worse.

    This is without knowing more details, of course, but it sounds an awful lot like the altercation you had with the husband or boyfriend who had hit his wife/girlfriend. I disagreed with that also. At 6’1”, 220lbs and 3 years of MMA training I'm capable of just as much violence, if not more, as the next guy, but I've come to realize that's it my mind that will make a difference in this world.

    I truly believe you have the best intentions, but I think in the end they do more to make you feel good about yourself instead of actually making a real difference. (Keep in mind, I'm a person who judges more on everyday acts rather than solitary ones. However, if you run an orphanage or something like that, than I stand corrected!)