Doing Research - New Additions to Friends List

Bullfrog brought up a very interesting topic (I'm not sure if he knew I was paying attention). He mentioned the idea that there is more scientific evidence to support a young earth (6000 years) than there was to support an old earth (millions of years). Now, since I don't believe in the literal interpretation of the bible as discussed here and here, I thought it might be interesting to revisit this subject with regards to scientific theories. So, that's what I'm doing. It may take a day or two because I want to be objective and present evidence from both camps.

So, in the meantime, y'all check out some blogs that I'll so add to the list.

Mark: Mark is a new to this blog and he generates a lot of discussion. I appreciate that. He and Bullfrog have and ongoing debate and I'm sure my post on young earth vs. old earth will garner even more discussion from them. Y'all need to check out his blog and support the brother. Bushwhack has already ventured over there so it should get interesting real soon.

The Phoenix: She is a part of Jaimie's circle of blogging friends and comes here from time to time. Reading about her life can be rather emotional but she's funny as well. I'm adding her because she's cool people and her blog and become one of my regular reads.

The Girl P: Another from Jaimie's world. She's funny, insightful and brings the heat when it comes to topics on life and love. Both of these sisters are part of the West Coast Blogging Hotties. Y'all check them out - I think the fellaz should come up with something like that.

BossMack: Now, if you're easily offended then don't click on this link. But happen to like this brother although we live polar opposite lives. The fact is, his stories are funny as hell and I get the feeling he's a good brother even if his blog showcases something different. He inspired this post and since then I've been a regular reader.

Brotha Buck: I'm not sure how I found this blog but it is a very good one. He's an artist and creates his own comic strip.

He discusses other issues on politics and life. A very good read so y'all check that out.

Check y'all out later. Let me know what you think of my new blogging friends. Holla.


2 Responses to Doing Research - New Additions to Friends List

  1. Rose Says:
    Several of your new friends are my old friends..They have great blogs.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    Best regards from NY! »