Why I Hate Republicans: Reason #614

So, here we are in the middle of some challenging times where we could really use some good leadership and good policies from our lawmakers. The events over the past couple weeks could really open some opportunities for Iraq.

Although Zarqawi's death is at best a symbolic one as it pertains to events on the ground, it is certainly good news. The President's visit to Iraq was also a good move. Couple these events with completed Iraqi government and new security campaign in Baghdad, it is looking as though we have a chance to clean up the mess Bush and his cronies made.

On the home front, inflation worries, increases in foreclosed and stagnant wages are dampening consumer confidence. Fannie Mae needs overhauling, energy cost is taking its toll, FEMA is a mess and politicians have done nothing about Medicare, Social Security, education, prescription drug cost and immigration.

So, with all of these things on our plate, what do Republicans do - call for a debate on a NON-BINDING bill. This is yet another reason why Republicans should not run this country. They are the biggest symbol-seeking bastards I've ever seen. They cannot govern, but they can sure sell the hell out of BS. I'm starting to believe that cow dung is a delicacy to Republicans.

How do we support them taking time out to do this? Mind you, they just approved themselves a cost of living wage increase. The fact is, come November people will make a binding decision as to the importance of our involuntarily in Iraq. That's our job as Americans. The job of the politician is to debate and pass legislation.

As long as Republicans run this country we will continue to send to the floor a host of non-binding bills and bills that have no chance of passing. I'm so sick of these partisan, back-stabbing, spin doctors. And if you support this "debate" , then you support politicians wasting tax dollars and feeding you a boat load of crap.


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  1. Diane S. Says:
    Far be it from me to defend the GOP, but...

    I don't know James. I'm kind of enjoying watching the Republicans slaughter each other over the War in Iraq. It's great to see them breaking ranks, and seeing some actually oppose their parties own ill-conceived war.

    And in the credit-where-credit-is-due Department, I'm on medicare, and Medicare Part D has been a God send to me. My prescription costs have been slashed from about $150 a month to about $12 a month.

    Are the Republicans driving this country to ruin? Absolutely. Are there unconscienable things happening in America and being done by America abroad? Absolutely. Do we need to kick these bums out of office? Absolutely.

    And if you've only got 614 reasons to hate Republicans, I can only attribute that to the fact you live in California and not Texas, where there's a new reason to hate Republicans every day. (Rick Perry should be hung outside the Govenor's mansion with Tom Delay by his side.)
  2. James Manning Says:

    I tried to help my mother with that prescription drug thing and I didn't get it. She finally got someone to help her with it but her case is a very complicated one.

    I'm all for debating this war, but the truth is - they should have had this debate four years ago.

    The right is destroying this country but all you ever get from them are bills to ban gay marriage, drill in ANWR and amendments to ban flag burning. Now, we have to spend a day to watch them debate a non-binding bill on Iraq?

    Paying these guys to do this is like throwing good money after bad.

    Thanks for the comment.
  3. Bushwack Says:
    Welcome back James, You hate republicans? Man I'm shocked. LOL
    Here is my take on it. pick some folks on the Democrat's side that will do a better job?
    Corruption? Democrats are not above this as you well know.
    Non Binding bills? Democrats have had their time under the Clinton age.
    Republicans aint perfect is there a Democrat plan? Nope Just impeach Bush.
    That aint gonna cut it.
    Find a democrat that will stand up and say Border security is the #1 issue and they want to make sure it is secured by any means nesessary. They will win The House/Senate?and the whitehouse. I'd vote for that candidate.
  4. James Manning Says:

    I think the reason why Dems don't come out with "a plan" is because there are many different thoughts on the left which I think is a good thing. The reason the right sound all the same is because many don't think for themselves... they just follow the talking points from on high.

    I don't think it is necessary for the Dems come up with a single plan. I think an open forum of ideas should be allowed to mature - and not just the "stay the course" crap Bush has been pushing.

    In '08, the Dems will need a national plan and they would be wise to start formulating that right now, but the right holds the deck and the best they could do is debate a non-binding bill - that doesn't sound like real leadership to me.
  5. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    In order to keep my blood pressure low I haven't read a whole lot of this post. But I thought you might be interested in a personal post that I did :-).
  6. Diane S. Says:
    @ Bush,

    I have to admit that as a flaming liberal, the inability of the Democratic Party to come out with a platform as a true opposition party pains me. It pains me deeply.

    However, even given that, it would be a cold day in hell when a Democratic led government would try to drill for oil in the ANWR or introduce amendments to the consitution banning gay marriage or the exercise of free speech by flag burning. Just wouldn't happen.

    And while Democrats are not above corruption, Democratic vice tends to lean towards sexual malfeance, while Republican vice tends to lean towards graft and greed. Given such a choice, I'll take the players of the Democratic party everytime.
  7. Bushwack Says:
    @ Diane
    I think you kind of hit the nail on the head there, the Dems are screaming for energy plans and the lack of resources in our future and dependence on foreign oil.
    We should drill in ANWAR and in my back yard if it would lead to some asseblance of world peace I'm for it. Nuclear power: France/england/and in fact most countries are seeing this as a viable choice. But not here, we have the Liberals that are for saving a three toad frog instead of thousands of American lives fighting over Oil.
    You can't kid yourself, that is why we are in the Middle east. Not because of terrorism/ Bush/ or anyother reason. OIL. Either we find a new source of energy or improve on the ones we have.
    Anwar offers a little time to find it. while the same time being able to distance ourselves from a Maniacally deprived religion.
  8. Roderick Says:
    I'm glad to see you back from your mini- hiatus. I guess you couldn't get rid of the blogging bug.

    Bush:@ Diane
    I think you kind of hit the nail on the head there, the Dems are screaming for energy plans and the lack of resources in our future and dependence on foreign oil.
    We should drill in ANWAR and in my back yard if it would lead to some asseblance of world peace I'm for it.

    Roderick: Drilling for oil in ANWAR will take at least a decade and from all of the estimates it won't last very long because our rate of consumption continues to increase.

    Let me ask you a question, Bush. Do you honestly think that the oil companies are going to purposely flood the market with enough oil to bring down prices? hell no. They are going to keep supply on an even keel just to keep it low enough that consumers won't complain and high enough to make some major profits as long as no alternative fuels aren't viable and as long as Americans don't demand them or more fuel efficient vehicles and energy efficient appliances.

    As for nuclear power it's not liberals who would be against the idea but I think most Americans would have problems with a nuclear plant being built close to their homes (property values would plummet ) or nuclear waste being stored nearby. It will just be another case of NIBMY.
  9. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    James: he's BAAAAAAAAACK. . .

    I knew it.

  10. mark Says:
    Yo James although I hate the Repubs and so called conservatives, I dont think its enough to hate them, folks who disagree with them need to deconstruct thier bullshit point by point. You do a terrific job of this. The reason why I despise the right or so called consertives is because they are amongst the biggest hypocrits the world has known, thier trying to force thier religion on people, and their boy Bush is 100% incompetent and a liar but the so called honorable and moral repubs never call his a#s on it. By the way if signify and jumb up and down about how immoral one political party is ( such as the repubs did and so)shouldnt you practice it yourself? Mark
  11. mark Says:
    Another reason why I really dislike the so called conservatives if because for a long time they have been pretending like global warming isnt happening. They also pretend that other environmental issues that are obvious arent happening. Mark

    P.S Where is Morally strong Christ right when it comes to issues like global warming and other environmental concerns.