T'was the Friday Before Easter


Blah #1: I did a post on black actors we need to see more often. Well, it is apparent to me that some television executives saw my list because two of those actors on the list now have major roles. Thief, stars Andre Braugher as Nick Atwater, a professional thief out to steal $40 million in covert drug money. It is a very tense show and worth series recording on my DVR.

Next up we have Dennis Haysbert. Fans of 24 better know him as President David Palmer. Dennis heads a new show called The Unit. So far, it's kind of lame. I'm not sure why their family gets so much play. Like we really give a damn that one of the wives is having a hard time getting a class at the local community college.... or that
Jonas Blane's (Dennis Haysbert) daughter is having a hard time in school. They need to take a page out of 24's playbook and focus on murder, mayhem and misdirection. The higher the body count, the higher the ratings.

Blah #2: We're taking mini-mom on a Easter Egg hunt tomorrow. I wasn't there last year and Jaimie says Stella got a little shy and let the big kids get in front of her. Well, this year will be different. One, she's the big kid and two, she has me as a coach. By the time I'm done with her she'll be a monster out there.

Blah #3: Whatever happened to the round, steel garbage cans. I remember the days when it took two guys to lift the can and dump it in the back of the truck. Then right around spring my uncle would grab a drum and make a barbecue grill out one. Those were the days.

Blah #4: The season finale of Black. White. was anti-climatic. It was a decent show and I thought the young white girl really got the best out of the experiment. Not only was she thrust into black culture, but she was thrust into the world of black artistry. A place where the black experience is expressed in its rawest form. But she was a trooper and stuck with it. Bruno is either a racist or the naive white guy I've ever seen. The young brother, Nick, just needs some time. As for the black couple, I like the fact that they spoke their minds but sometimes they were off the mark. And the white woman: naive, sensitive and a bit crazy - but she was nice.

Overall, an interesting show.

The weekend: We made it through another week folks. So go out and enjoy the weather and the kids. Happy Easter!!!!

Discussion Starter:

1. What is you best childhood memory of Easter?

2. What is your worst childhood memory of Easter?


15 Responses to T'was the Friday Before Easter

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    Easter, the day EVERYBODY goes to church! By far my most beloved holiday.

    My favorite Easter memories is of my Grandmother, who used to take my older brother and I to Sears and buy us new clothes to wear. For some reason she always dressed us like identical twins, which was pretty embarassing, even at 7-8 years old.
  2. James Manning Says:
    I use to love going Eater shopping as a kid.

    Then as I got older, the tradition was to go to the Woods Theater in downtown Chicago. Between the gangs and the rats, there was time to catch a movie.

    I hated reciting those Easter poems. Yuck.
  3. Johnnie Says:
    Interesting. I thought that The Unit was quite good, original even, for the very reason you argue against it. It shows how the women hold down the home-front while their men are out in the field on top-secret missions. The wives don't even know where they go! And Haysbert teaching his problem daughter how to fire a weapon expertly? Nice touch. And the Colonel banging dude's wife every time he sends dude on a mission? That's classic David and Bathsheba stuff there. I like it also because the Unit uses its brains 75% to accomplish missions, and only 25% of its brawn.

    On Black. White., I said those exact words to my cousin last night: "It was anticlimactic." What I really wonder is whether Rose hooked up with Poet-boy whom she called "beautiful" and got all squishy over. I know something had to jump off there! You could tell she wanted to test the myth! Probably after the show had wrapped, though. Bruno would have lost the rest of his hair had his baby hooked up on the show.

    Here's some interesting/disturbing reading concerning the bunny and egg rituals with regard to the pagan origins of "Easter" (Resurrection Day): altreligion.about.com/cs/alchemy/a/mpreviss.htm(I didn't get that this from you originally, did I?)
  4. allaboutgeorge Says:
    You might enjoy this Chicago Tribune article.
  5. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I love the cartoon. I felt the same way about the Unit too and was disappointed. I responded to you on this in the comments on my blog.

    I have 2 memorable Easters. One when I was 5 we had just moved into a new house and with all the chaos I totally didn't remember it was Easter the next day. The night before I remember watching "The Wizard of Oz" with my younger brother who was eating crayons :). The next morning I was so surprised to find an Easter basket w/ candy since I had forgotten it was Easter.

    The other memorable one was when my brothers and I got silly putty in our baskets and we thought it was gum and my brother tried it. My parents were in the other room listening and laughing.
  6. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Oh & Happy Easter!!!
  7. Roderick Says:
    Help, James, I just found out that I've been banned by Grey Ghost. Let me guess I've been banned by Bullfrog and LMC too.
    (sniff, sniff) LOL

    I guess those intellectual lightweights can't handle real debate and only want to hear from their dittoheads.

    It's funny how conservatives casts themselves as objective intellectuals who don't allow their emotions to adversely impact their decisions but they like to ban people because they can't handle reasonable discussion/disagreement.

    Thanks for being cool about allowing anyone to post even BF and LMC *eg*. Even they have good points sometimes. Cynthia has that policy too and BF and I got into a good discussion about the Da Vinci Code and if it affected what people thought about Christ.

    It's too bad those who dish it out can't take it.
  8. James Manning Says:

    I'm not one to tell someone how to run their blog but it seem to me that if a person is willing to put out their opinion about politics then they should be open to debating those points.

    But I think my approach is to be respectful of their opinions - disagree and tell why - and then every once in a while reveal that I believe George Bush is the spawn of the devil. It works.
  9. Rell Says:
    also Haysbert shall now and forever be known as "President Palmer."
  10. Roderick Says:
    I tried to do that but the constant bashing on GG's site is just too much to take.

    I see you just posted over there about why did he have to make the immigration debate a bash to the Left. I don't know if you scanned some of his other articles but they all have some element in them bashing the Left.

    I appreciate you're having this forum and allowing us to debate and even let things get a little heated sometimes.

    I'll leave GG and his miserable band of haters of the Left to be miserable together. LOL

    BTW your girlie is PHINE!!!!!
  11. Bullfrog Says:
    Roderick: You aren't banned by me, and I can't imagine how you got that impression since you have never brought your "Intellectual Heavyweight" self to my BLOG to find out. You are and always will be the King of the Straw Man in my book, come on by!

    James: I hope your Easter was great and that, like me, you ate WAY too much candy.
  12. Roderick Says:
    BF: You are and always will be the King of the Straw Man in my book, come on by!

    Roderick: I'm touched that I'm King of the Strawman in your book *not*

    BTW how did you get a nickname like bullfrog?
  13. James Manning Says:
    Rod, thanks. She is a hottie.

    Bullfrog, I didn't eat a lot of candy but mini-mom had meltdown at the Easter Egg hunt. Someone bumped her and she ran off of the field crying. That pretty much confirmed for me that she won't be playing pee-wee football next year :)
  14. Bullfrog Says:
    James: You are a man of great self-discipline. As if yesterdays temptations weren't enough, today at work everyone decided to bring in their cansy left overs. Pray for me!

    Rod: My real name is Jeremiah, I think the rest is self-explanatory, assuming you are familiar with a certain Three Dog Night song (with which I have been tortured many times since childhood and have the emotional scars to prove it);)
  15. Roderick Says:
    BF:Rod: My real name is Jeremiah, I think the rest is self-explanatory, assuming you are familiar with a certain Three Dog Night song (with which I have been tortured many times since childhood and have the emotional scars to prove it);)

    Roderick: I do recall a certain bullfrog by the name of Jeremiah and I'm sorry you have emotional scars fomr childhood teasing. Children can be very creative as well as very cruel.