Mini-Mom’s Easter Advernture

Jaimie and I provided a nice Easter Saturday for mini-mom. We turned the Easter basket into a scavenger hunt. I printed four papers with pictures symbolizing a room. The first I taped on my bedroom dresser that directed her to go to the bathroom. She was talking with Jaimie and the conversation went something like this:

Mini-mom: I don’t think the Easter Rabbit came.

Jaimie: What makes you think that?

Mini-mom: Maybe he got busy and the big house across the street because they have six kids.

(They don’t have any kids but that’s the rationale of a four-year-old mind)

Suddenly she spots the picture on the dresser. She pulls it off and runs to the bath room screaming, “Look what the Easter Bunny left!”

I instructed her how to follow the picture and she was able to do it. We went from the bathroom to the chair in the living room. Then we were off to the refrigerator. Finally, it stopped at the rocking chair. She had her basket.

Later that morning we hike over to the El Segundo Easter Egg hunt. There are a lot of kids and start my coaching on how to get the most candy.

Me: See that area with all of the candy and eggs?

Mini-mom: Yeah.

Me: Go there and pick up as much as you can. Don’t run around the field. Go to one spot and grab candy!

Mini-mom: Ok

Me: (rubbing her shoulders) Ok champ. What are we here for?

Mini-mom: Candy!

Me: What are we here for?

Mini-mom: Candy.

The bell sounds and they’re off. Hundreds of kids running around like a chicken with its head cut off grabbing mounds of candy. But there is a glitch in the Matrix. Someone bumped Mini-mom. She turns with tears streaming from her eyes and runs back to me.

But this was no time to console. There was too much candy at stake. So I grab her hand and walk her back out to the field. Eventually she gets her mojo and starts collecting the good. Suddenly, a friend from her pre-school spots and in the midst of pandemonium, they strike up a conversation. After about 30 seconds of this I scream, “Ladies. CANDY!” They got the idea and went back to collecting the goods.

After it was all over a little girl walks over to us with sad eyes. She has no eggs in her basket. I ask mini-mom if she wanted to share some of hers and she did. She’s such a sweet little girl. But it has become evident to me that my hopes of having her be one of the few girls that play pee-wee football is not going to happen. It looks like ballet and piano lessons are here for the foreseeable future


9 Responses to Mini-Mom’s Easter Advernture

  1. Nika Laqui Says:
    Awww, that sounded fun...
  2. Domite Says:
    relegated to making a sport of easter...You know you could start her in field hockey or softball...
  3. Sharon Says:
    Mini-mom is oh so sweet...I love this child, because she has old fashioned manners and a good heart. Please don't turn her into a "competitor" in whom this is stomped out....

    What a lovely way to spend Easter Saturday...too bad Ryan is all grown up (almost anyway) now ;)
  4. MEP Says:
    You know that ballet can be just as competative as pee-wee football . . . didn't you ever see Center Stage? :)
  5. James Manning Says:
    Hey Mep, long time no see. Jaimie asked if I would let my son take ballet. The answer was no. It may sound old fashion, but no boy of mine will ever be allowed to participate in such an event until he has proven himself to be a warrior on the gridiron.

    As for mini-mom, there isn't an ounce of tomboy in her - so I'll make due with ballet.
  6. BossMack Says:
    Kids are great.
  7. Diane S. Says:
    James, If you're going to make egg hunting a sport, you gotta have pre-game strategy meetings, practice, alll that.

    But frankly, I think it turned out perfect, and I'm so glad mini-mom shared her candy.
  8. Miss Lady Ma'am Says:
    Happy Easter to the Peace On That family! Glad you had a good time at the egg hunt.

    I hate to do this to you, but you've been tagged at
    Sorry Bruh!
  9. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Very cute, I love it!!!!!!!!